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  • I'm not really a girly girl, to be honest. I don't like wearing all pink and be all DRAMA QUEEN! Sure, I like wearing a pair of high heels and some lip gloss , but that doesn't mean I am a girly girl....

    It would be better if they had more choices to the questions. When I got to the part that said "What type of makeup do you wear?", I didn't know what to pick because I don't wear makeup at all! besides lip gloss so my lips wouldn't feel dry.

  • Dis quiz is wrong. ;-; I bet the person who created this was girly and wanted to spread their infection. NOT TODAY.

  • O-O Im not a girly girl at all and i NEVER wear my hair like that. My hair is always down and straightened with my bang over my eye.

  • YEAH!PUNK! Well...Im a emo

  • I am not a punk!!


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