Haematology Quiz

Haematology - the study of blood - is essential as a upcoming doctor. Knowing the information is not enough though; one needs to be able to apply it. Let us see if you can.

Are you capable of doing well in this simple quiz? Find out if you have been putting what you have been reading into practise. Take the test and find out how good you are.

Created by: silverjovan of Do No Harm
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  1. The site of red cell production in an adult are all of the following except:
  2. True or False, a new born produces red blood cells within the spleen.
  3. In the body,secretion of erythropoietin is done by:
  4. At what age does the body begin to produce antibodies against the antigens that the red blood cells of the individual lack?
  5. Structure of blood group A has the following antigen:
  6. Haem synthesis is carried out in the:
  7. All of the following can cause microcytic anaemia except:
  8. A patient's bone marrow tap was tested using the Prussian blue test which gave a very pale positive. Also further tests were done and an elevated TIBC (Total Iron-binding capacity) was seen. This patient is suffering from:
  9. A 53 year old female is hospitalized with heart failure. On third day of her hospitalization, her haematocrit is 50%. An arterial blood gas analysis shows a PaO2 70mmHg. A 51Cr-tagged red blood cell infusion shows a normal red blood cell mass. Which of the following is the most likely cause of this patient's polycythemia?
  10. A 41 year old female is being treated for iron deficiency anaemia caused by dysfunctional uterine bleeding. After three months of therapy, the patient feels better and her laboratory values have improved. She now asks about stopping her supplement, as she is concerned about "over treating" her anaemia. Which of the following cell types primarily regulates the body's iron content
  11. All of the following are functions of the normal adult spleen EXCEPT:
  12. 6. In forward grouping for a blood type, there was agglutination with Anti-A, Anti A,B. Reverse grouping showed agglutination with B cells. What is the blood group?
  13. Which is not true about Haptoglobin
  14. Which of the following is associated with increase reticulocyte production
  15. Which of the following is insoluble storage of iron?

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