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Most people have a sibling and I bet you wonder every once and a while if you sibling actually likes you or if it's just a front cause you live together

On this quiz you will find out wether they like you on this quiz you find out if they like you, this isn't 100% sure so if you have a great relationship don't take it personally but if your not sure take this

Created by: Holly
  1. Does your family member say they hate you
  2. Does you member avoid you at school or around friends
  3. Does your member ignore you at home
  4. Does your member try to spend every day with you
  5. Does your member try to avoid you around there friends at home or includ you
  6. Does your member try to keep you at home to hang out
  7. Do you and your member fight concisely
  8. Do they get annoyed if you ignore them
  9. How do they describe you
  10. Finally do you like your sibling

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