Guess The Lyrics 2

You may have heard of/taken the first Guess The Lyrics but this one is different. This time you are actually guessing the lyrics not the song names. I also added a few new songs.

I'm thinking about making a third Guess The Lyrics but I'm not sure. If you have any suggestions please let me know at the end of the quiz. Thanks and enjoy the quiz!

Created by: pinkgirl
  1. I throw my _____ up in the air sometimes
  2. All these _____ they make no sense
  3. When I can see two _____ in front of me
  4. The ____ is burning
  5. You can't ____ when you're holding suitcases
  6. It's a ___ morning
  7. Someone's ____ is laughing
  8. I can't belive what she ____
  9. From the ____ leaves that will ride the breeze
  10. I could ____ there seven times a day
  11. Seven times ____ times
  12. Let me be singing when the ____ comes
  13. It's the ____ you saw that day on the train
  14. I heard somebody call my name I ____ around and caught a flam.
  15. You gave me something I want everyone to ____

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