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  • It was a good quiz. But, the music just wasn't my type. I mean it was all selena gomez and hannah montana, whereas i'm into stuff like Linkin Park and Three Days Grace. It was a good quiz, but you should have said somewhere that maybe this music isn't for you cuz you might like some other music. All in all 8/10 for effort.

  • The scrams was on it helped me a lot I'm not gonna like your test beacquse it was confusing and you might be a beginner but it's common sense to put more then 2 words

    Blue Moon
  • The last ones shouldn't count and the lyrics were too short. I've taken better but this was not horrible.

  • This was a very good quiz the lyrics were too short and how would you think I'd know what would come after Oh? I did anyway.

  • Thanks iluvholister! i think i'll add some of that music to my quiz! let me know if there is anything else i can do to make it better.

  • I said i would rate and comment


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