greek love part 2

heres the second quiz of my new series greek love. hope you enjoy and leave your comments and rate ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

here are the boys. nate: son of poseidon, hot, mysterious, black hair, sea grean eyes, sweet but quiet, protective. seth: son of ares, hot, bad boy, anger problems, sweet when he wants to be, amber hair, black eyes, very protective. drew: son of apollo, hot, arrogant, player, blonde hair, light blue eyes. brandon: sone of zeus, funny, makes you laugh, nice, light brown hair, dark blue eyes. luke: son of hades, nice, sorta bad boy, persistent, gets wat he wants, red hair with a black streak, silver eyes

Created by: azgirl24v6

  1. ok so you left off at someone covers your mouth and says if you struggle or scream you and your friends die.
  2. the man starts dragging you to the door. you look over at nate, seth, drandon and drew. drew and brandon are on the floor passed out. nate is up fighting one of the man but has a huge gash on his forehead. seth is fighting another man and the other two men that broke into the house (besides the one that has you) are dead on the floor
  3. the man that has you is almost to the front door. all of a sudden the man falls on the floor letting go of you and dropping the knife. you look up and there is a boy with a knife. he is muscular, red hair and with a black steak in it and silver eyes. nate and seth are done fighting and drew and brandon are starting to wake up. "you ok," asked nate. you nod. "hi im luke. the gods sent me to help witht the protecting of rose. my father is hades god of the underworld."
  4. "who were those people," you ask. seth answered, "those are the people who are trying to kill you for your powers. there called seekers." "speaking of powers, what powers do you have," you ask. drew says finally up,"i have healing and can move things with my mind." nate says,"i can controll water, breath underwater, and can controll hurricanes and earthquakes." seth says,"i can controll fire and i have extreme fighting skills." brandon says,"i have electricity and can contoll storms." luke says," i can talk to the dead, turn invisibly, and make someone stop breathing by just touching them." "show off," mutters seth. "what powers do i have," you ask. "we dont know untill we now your parents."
  5. drew say, "training will start tomorow so you will be ready the next time the seekers come." they all left to eat exept you and nate. nate say,"i was just wondering if you were ok." you nod and then he says,"i love you rose, i really do." then he leans down and kisses you. he was a really good kisser. after a few minutes he pulls away and you smile and blush. he smiles too and his green eyes sparkle. then you guys walk in to the kitchen
  6. you eat a wonderful dinner and brandon makes you all laugh at his jokes. then you go to the gold room from before. you found out that it is your room. you change into your pjs and is about to go to sleep when theres a knock on your door. "come in," you yell. then luke comes in and sits on your bed next to you. he says,"rose, i know that i just met you, but i love you." he kisses you softly then it becomes harder. after a few minutes your still kissing but know hes in top of you on your bed. your still kissing when seth comes in and sees you. he stares then walks out. you and luke stop kissing after that and he leaves. you fall asleep confused
  7. You wake up and look over at the clock. its 8:36. you go downstairs and the boys are all awake and there just putting breakfast on the tabel. what do you eat
  8. when your eating brandon goes to the room which they told u was the lab. we then calls,"i found out who rose's parent is." you all run in. you ask,"who is it." he answers,"well your mom is athena, but the reasone you are so powerful is that ur dad is also a god. hes hermes." you say,"cool." luke says,"ummmm rose i dont think you understand. you are not a part rose. your a god."
  9. CLIFFHANGER!!!!! hehehehe. ok so in the results i said that you kissed drew but i changed that. and in the result i descrided luke has black hair i also changed that soooo. ya
  10. *random* do u like pie. leave fav pie flavor in comments

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