Which Greek Goddess are you?

Greek Goddesses: a true part of Greek history. Not as celebrated as the Greek Gods, but perhaps with a more relevant presense in modern society. Any modern woman has a link back to them, and she deserves this.

But who is she? The bubbly Artemis, the content and witty Athena, the lovely Aphrodite, the bonding Hera or the homely Hestia . . .discover the Greek Goddesses, and in this, yourself.

Created by: Issy
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. In your spare time you:
  2. Your social life consists of:
  3. Pick a colour:
  4. My type of guy:
  5. My personal philosophy:
  6. I couldn't live without:
  7. I am:
  8. I would like to be:
  9. My best feature is:
  10. Makeup is:
  11. The one goddess I truly resemble is:

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Quiz topic: Which Greek Goddess am I?