Which Greek Goddess are you? (Girls Only)

Hello! I just want to know which Greek goddess are you like? This is my very first quiz, so I hope you understand the questions. I felt that it wasn't good myself but I just wanted to see what you thought about this quiz. Enjoy the quiz. Rate and comment if you like!

I hope this will be a fun quiz. Do YOU know what Greek goddess you might be like. If you take a few minutes away from your life to take the quiz, you might know! Even in a blink of an eye!

Created by: Leelah Maraj
  1. Okay, first question. What's important to you in life?
  2. Why is (whatever result you picked) important to you?
  3. Is love important?
  4. What would you do if you saw a marriage go wrong?
  5. What if you seen a married couple get divorced? They pray to you much as they could but nothing worked. How would you work it out?
  6. Choose a word.
  7. What's the worst mistake you can make as a goddess?
  8. If you were a goddess, what's beauty to you?
  9. What result do you think you'll get?
  10. Okay, what did you think of this quiz? This is my very first quiz.

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Quiz topic: Which Greek Goddess am I? (Girls Only)