greek love part 1

Ok so heyyy everyone i just wanted to say that this is my first quiz every so i really need your feed back so leave a comment=) so this quiz is about rose(who is you) (also shes 17) who finds out she is a child of the greek gods. Also she is being hunted for her powers. She gets to live with four boys though. Hope you enjoy the quiz

So theres nate who is mysterious and muscular. He is very hot. He has black hair and sea green eyes. Brandon who is funny and has a great personality. He is ho with his caramel color hair and dark blue eyes. Seth who is the typical hot bad boy. He has a temper but can be sweet. He has amber hair and black eyes. There is drew who is hot but also is a player. His ego is as high as mt. Olympus. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He could also be a jerk sometimes.

Created by: azgirl24v6
  1. (so your name is rose and you are 17) today is your first day of senior year at a new school. you moved to georgia from arizona earlier that you take a shower and change, what do you wear
  2. when you arrive at school you go to your locker to put your books away. you see a very cute boy two lockers down. he has caramel hair color and dark blue eyes. he looks over and smile. "hey you must be Rose, im Brandon.""hi," you say back. he has an amazing smile. "do you need help finding your class he asked. "ya i have history." he walks you to your class and you guys talk. you find out that he has a great personality and is very funny.
  3. You walk into your history class and look around. You are used to seeing your friends when you go to class but all you see now is unfamilular faces. You look around for a seat when you see an empty seat next to a really hot boy. He is muscular and tall. He also has amber hair and black eyes. He looks like the typical bad boy. You sit rown and say ,"hey". He looks at you with his peircing black eyes. "hi im seth," he says. "im rose," you say back. you finish talking and class begins.
  4. After history you have a few more classes. One of them is with brandon. At lunch you sit by yourself because you have no friends yet. You look around the lunch room and see a boy sitting in a corner listening to his ipod. The first thing you notice is that he is staring at you. You also notice that he is very hot. He has jet black hair and sea green eyes. The way he looks make him see all mysterious. Now you guys are staring at each other. You look away an think...
  5. The day goes by so slowly. You still havent made any friends yet. When you get to your loker you see a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes leaning against it. "hey rose right well in cause you dont know me im drew. Every knows me and every girl loves me. I just wanted to introduce my self so maybe we could get together later." you look at him and laugh to yourself silently. "well its great to meet you drew," you say as you put your books in your locker and leave.
  6. (oh and by the way mystery boy is nate) You start to walk home when you hear russeling in the bushes. You keep going but walk a little faster. All of a sudden seth from earlier jumps out. "im sorry rose but i have to do this for your safety," and with that he hits you in the hand and you black out.
  7. You wake up in a room youve never seen before. It has gold walls with a black carpet and a black bed which you are sleeping in. All of a sudden you hear a knock on the door and brandon comes in. He sees you awake and says,"good morning sleepy head." he then yells that younare awake and seth nate and drew walk in. "hey," says drew. " WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING HERE!!!!" you yell. Seth says, "well we are here to protect you. Rose you have special powers. You are very powerful and well people are trying to kill you for them." you look at them in shock. "thats impossible," you say. Seth says "you know the greek gods and all them. Well they have kids with humans and those kids are called parters. We are all parters and so are you."
  8. "who are all youre parents," you ask. Brandon says," my father is zeus god of the sky and king of the gods." nate stands up and says, "my father is poseidon god of the sea." you realise that that ways the first time you heard him talk. Seth says, "my dad is ares god of war. That also makes me have some anger problems. Drew says arrogantly, "my dad is apollo god of the sun and medicine. He also gets all the ladies as do i." he winks. "Do you know my parent yet," you ask. "no not yet but we will soon," says brandon.
  9. You thought for a second "am i staying here with you guys?" seth answered ya. Untill its safe.
  10. They ask you if your hungry and you say yes. You guys walk out but before you leave seth takes you back in the room and says," rose i really like you." you blush and then he kisses you. It was smooth and not to hard but not to soft. He pulls away and you both smile. You guys walk out and go down a hallway and then you gasp the mansion was beautiful. You were about to sit down for lunch wuen you hear a large crash and then five boys about 18 come in and start attacking. The boys are busy fighting that hey dont notice one of the boys coming at you. Your about to scream when you feel a hand cover your mouth. Then a cold metal knife touches your neck and the boy says," if you struggle or scream you and your friends die."
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!! Ok so i could really use the comments. So please comment on what u thought. Oh and rate. Ill make part two soon

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