How well do you know the greek gods?

In this quiz I will be testing you to see how well YOU know the Greek gods! I myself are VERY interested in them so I hope you are too! But be careful if you're a newb at this! I get pretty brutal with the scoring!

I hope you enjoy this quiz on the Greek gods! LOL. The Greek gods is a super funny and cool thing to read about in your spare time to I would definitely do that!

Created by: sailorfandom
  1. Who is the god of wisdom?
  2. What is Mother Earth's name?
  3. Who is the god of love?
  4. Who is the god of fire and blacksmiths?
  5. Who is Zeus's wife?
  6. Who is the god of war?
  7. God of the sea?
  8. god of the underworld?
  9. god of beginnings?
  10. Who is Nemesis?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the greek gods?