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Hi! Have you read Percy Jackson books and ever wondered who your godly parent would be? Well here's the quiz! I made the quiz like it actually is at camp half blood which means it's really hard to get Poseidon Zeus and hades. Follow me @__annabeth__chase___ on instagram

Follow me on Instagram @__annabeth__chase___ I post Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the heroes of olympus post. Follow me!!!!!!!!! @__annabeth__chase___

Created by: Mackenzie
  1. What's your fav animal
  2. What do you want your future job to be
  3. What's your favorite color
  4. Who's your fav character
  5. What does your first name start with
  6. Which godly parent do u want
  7. Fav ship
  8. Fav sport
  9. Fav book
  10. Fav book

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