GK Quiz for all#3

Welcome! Do you think that you are a genius and you know and you know well about GK?If you think so then you take this quiz. Come on and take this quiz.

This quiz gonna be very interesting,amazing and you will like it. I will just test how much genius you are and how much you know about GK. Welcome again.

Created by: Nazifur Rohman

  1. Which tiny country is an enclave within South Africa?
  2. Who was the first European to conquer India?
  3. Name the largest living bird.
  4. Name the world's biggest animal.
  5. Who discovered vaccination?
  6. Does the cobra really dance to a snakecharmer's flute tune?
  7. How did Robert Clive die?
  8. Which Greek philosopher was executed in 399 B.C?
  9. Where is the headquaters of UNICEF?
  10. Which was the biggest dinosaur?

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