ok first thing. not every girl can have a boyfriend. some girls just want to be single. this quiz is just about what a life is with a man. its pretty simple.

are you thinking of having a boyfriend??? if you do, take this quiz. it will be about what to do with a man. take this quiz!! you'll find it good. its easy.

Created by: alice

  1. if a man wanted to be your boyfriend, what would you say to him???
  2. if you guys were going on your first date, where would you like to go???
  3. if you had a job and worked so late to earn a little bit more cash, what do you want your boyfriend to say to you???
  4. if you and your boyfriend are starting problems and arguing, what would you say???
  5. if you had to wake up to go to work what do you want your boyfriend to do???
  6. if you wanted to break up with your boyfriend, what would you say???
  7. if your boyfriend buys you a charm bracelet that is real, what would you do???
  8. if somebody told you that your boyfriend is cheating on you, what would you do???
  9. if you saw someone bullying your guy what would you do???
  10. alright last question, if you married the guy you want, how many kids would you like to have???

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