Gintama personalaty quiz

ok i actully to only reason i made this was because i was bored. I guess i can tell you guyes about gintama.its about an idiot who i borke. he has 1 human partner 1 alien partner but she looked human. And a giant dog

so how gintama-ish are you lets findout. in fact 10 out of tin people got a number on thin quiz.and you might awin one of theaese great prises you might git a: man eating dog man eating pingiun vegatarian polar bar man eating garraif man earing iguanna man eating elephante

Created by: shikamaru

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  1. you have a job to do but the weekly Shonen Jump comes out today.what do you do?
  2. your at a resturant with your "comrads" and one eats an entire bucket of rice and the other eats a bowl of soupe the giant dog attempts to eat the bar tender but you dont care and continue to order. What do you get?
  3. your bored. what do you do?
  4. omg the shinsumi are after you what do you do?
  5. what kind of sword do you want.
  6. you hav killed an aliain General what do you do
  7. your a teachher in a shool that allows you to smoke what will you smoke
  8. what kind of dog do you want
  9. do you like fish
  10. have you ever thought that you had i illalgitimate (not yours) child (ep 51 of gintama)

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