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I accidentally put "Ginny" instead of "Alice" sorry. So this is more of a tease and The entire book might be sold on amazon in a couple months. I hop you will continue to read,check out my other quizzes, etc.

IF you wait long enough you might see some multi-result quizzes come up.As in you're one of the charactors and you have to make some tough choices.

Created by: Meredith88
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  1. One day while walking with her mother, Alice became lonely. She usually felt lonely when walking with her mom because all the other kids had a sister or brother. She saw them playing and laughing, and this made her feel sad. She really didn't have any friends so when she did play it was usually by herself.
  2. Her mother was concerned once she saw her daughter looking sad. She thought, if only Alice could make friends, then she would be happier. Alice was a quiet girl and talking with people was not one of her strong suits.
  3. After arriving at the park Alice went to the sandbox to play, and while making a sand castle a young pale girl appeared. The girl almost looked exactly like her but paler looking.
  4. "HI" the girl said Alice mumbled "Hey" "What's wrong "said the girl?" You look so sad." Alice was shocked the girl was actually talking to her. It had been a long time before someone her own age had talked to her. Alice tried to smile as she said "Nothing, I just got some sand in my eye."
  5. The girl smiled "Ugh, don't you hate when that happens?" Alice thought that she must be dreaming, this girl was not only talking to her but she was also very friendly. Suddenly Alice's mother came over and was shocked to see a girl that looked exactly like her daughter. Alice's mother thought to herself wow Alice made a friend. Smiling she said "Who's this little lady?" The girl turned around and replied "Mom you know who I am, I'm Alice.
  6. The mother screamed and dropped her pocketbook. Ghost Alice began to talk "There's not much time, we must stop the bad man before he hurts me again." Alice looked shocked and screamed "Who are you!" Ghost Alice smiled and said "I'm you from the future, but just more dead."
  7. End of chapter 1
  8. So.........cya l8er
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