Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2

Think you know this show? Find out! It's fast just take our ten question test and see if you do good. Hopefully you paid attention to the little details because this is where they come in handy!

Are you willing to try? If so have fun! I hope you enjoy taking this quiz about this show! If you have only seen one episode then this might not be the quiz for you.

Created by: Mteen

  1. Complete the sentence: Who ya gonna call ...
  2. Complete the sentence: There is no Dana ...
  3. What do the two neighbors think they are?
  4. Who does the secretary end up liking?
  5. What did Dana name her kid?
  6. What is the "destructor"?
  7. Who is the evil character in Ghostbusters 1?
  8. Who is the evil character in Ghostbusters 2?
  9. Complete the sentence: Do, ray,...
  10. The pink substance is concentrated ...

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