Geometry Ch 11 Practice Test

Coordinate Geometry is challenging, especially for Mrs Power's class. So I Anna S, made a quiz to help you study and review for the Ch. 11 Test (I might make one for the midterm too) :-)

Well....I guess that Geometric Students need practice like I am helping you to practice for the Ch. 11 test. Say, who does not practices for tests?

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  1. What happens when you reflect (x, y)point over the x axis
  2. What happens if you reflect the point (x, y) over the y axis?
  3. What happens if you reflect (x,y) point over the y=x line?
  4. "What happens if you reflect (x,y) point over the y=-x line?"
  5. Which inequality is a dashed line and shaded up?
  6. Which inequality is a solid line shaded up?
  7. Which inequality has a dashed line and shaded down?
  8. Which inequality has a solid line and shaded down?
  9. When is the slope of a line undefined?
  10. When is the slope of a line equal zero?
  11. Define formula √(x1 - x2)² + (y1 - y2)
  12. Define formula ( x1+x2/2 , y1+y2/2 )
  13. Define formula y1+y2/x1+x2 Hint : Rise/Run
  14. What slope will y=x always have?
  15. Define formula mx + b = y
  16. What does the variable m represent in the equation "y=m x + b" ?
  17. What does the b represent in the equation "y = m x + b" ?
  18. What is the format of the slope of a line?

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