Game Shows...How will you turn out

"There have been many who have ventured onto the set of a game show and few have survived and walked out with money. Do you have what it takes to walk out with 10,000 dollars or will you crumble under the pressure?"

"Are you the one who will walk out alive and claim their mutli-thousand, reward or are you the one who shouldn't have even left their house for a cup coffee and a seat at a local brewery to watch these heroic journeys into the land of Modern TV Game Shows.

Created by: amazon of neoyorkino
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  1. First things first, what are you going to wear when you're on this new game show?
  2. It's the first round and you made a crucial mistake...It is...
  3. The question was; How do you kill a lively party, you said...
  4. Round two; The question was; Name an animal with 3 letters in it's name. You messed up horribly and you instead said...
  5. Its the middle of round 2 and you accidently call the host the name of a pet you have/had, you cover up and say...
  6. During the commercial break, a person from the crowd calls down and tells you...
  7. Round three, the question is; Name an item or term that is probably least likely to be in a museum?
  8. You are trapped on a hard question about Greek Philosophy, the host asks quickly for the name of a person that might help, you say...
  9. Final Round before the Bonus Round...Yoou run into another problem...You
  10. Final question that decides whether you'll go onto the bonus round; "We surveyed a 100 hundred people, top 7 answers are on the board, what TV Game have I just mocked?"
  11. Whether you've maade it into the bonus round or not, the final question was; What movie, featurig Robin Williams featured the saying, "Oh Captain, My Captain"

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