French test(super accurate)

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Are you failing your french grades?well are you?And if your not in school do you think your good in french?others get lost please.So I just made this quiz for fun.

Are you ready to find out if your a coward in french or not?Well are you?Also this quiz is very accurate since I'm a pro in french.Heheh so unless your french or you go to a french school your gonna get a not perfect mark.

Created by: doglovergirl

  1. Bonjour
  2. Sa sera excitant!
  3. Un chien qui marche
  4. Je m'appelle...
  5. On est dans notre maison
  6. Les dieux nous parle
  7. Quarante-huit
  8. le sphynx
  9. Elle
  10. Aurevoir

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