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    Im alive again
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    breadboy69 Junior
    I briefly saw something about this early today
    What exactly is happening?
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    Capcom is getting their s--- together. Theyve been afraid to make a new megaman game since Keiji Inafune (one of the driving forces behind the series) left Capcom back in late 2011, early 2012. So they canceled all megaman related projects and kept canceling them.

    But someone finally got a pitch to work and the new team has the drive to make a game.
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    breadboy69 Junior
    Holy s--- this is amazing
    I've always looooved the megaman games, they were one of my favorites as a kid (specifically x7)

    It said it will be on PC which will be cool because I don't own the others, but might get a switch
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    Same here, Im a big fan of the series.
    (Although as a kid my favorite was always Megaman Zero 3 or Megaman Battle Network 2)

    I have a ps4, so Imma get it on that.
    Im really glad that its gonna be on so many platforms.
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    absol heart Hot Shot
    Here's to hoping it's not trash like Mighty No.9
    That was Inafune's plan all along
    He knew Capcom was afraid to make a new Megaman game without him
    so he made one of his own, purposely making it bad
    to show them that he wasn't purely the one who made megaman games good
    but the company and him as a whole
    It was Inafunes way of telling Capcom that they can make a game without him leading the creation

    smart move, inafune
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