Something that really irritates me in Overwatch

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Thread Topic: Something that really irritates me in Overwatch

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    Shadowmere Experienced
    1.) When people don't protect their healer then have the nerve to call them trash.
    2.) When they get mad because that specific healer out of 4 healers was the one they wanted to play.
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    Dark22978 Hot Shot
    yeah people are rude af
    and it's kind of like??? At least I took a healer you twat
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    IAmJosh Experienced
    Hanzo mains
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    Shadowmere Experienced

    Ikr dang Hanzo mains
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    Shadowmere Experienced
    But a rundown on how I fell victim to #1 in comp today
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    Shadowmere Experienced
    When you're about to check something in another thread and see that your thread has changed forums
    Wtf kind of sorcery
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    Shadowmere Experienced
    Anyways here's what had happened

    *enters comp game and picks 76*
    *no healer so I pick Mercy which isn't my type but whatever*
    *gives one person heals*
    *turns around*
    *whole team needs heals*
    *doesn't get protected at all*
    *goes 3 and 11 before round even ends*
    *lost 1st round*
    *switches to Bastion*
    *whole team questions why I switched*
    *attempts attack on one person*
    *whole team eats my health bar*
    *goes back to Mercy*
    *does so much healing that I can't even give someone an attack boost*
    *still no protection*
    *dies more*
    *resurrects half of the team*
    *round 2 won cus of my Ult*
    *loses counts of death*
    *loses whole game*
    *everyone with a mic calls me trash*
    *laughs and leaves*
    *joins another game*
    *one person from last game is there and they had a mic*
    *smug face*
    *we were attack first*
    *captures point A with a few problems but it's fine*
    *Bastion, Torbjorn, and Roadhog on opposite team stay left of the point while Mei and Genji stayed right and 76 was wandering*
    *too much toxticity*
    *can't capture B*
    *face is much too smug now*
    *goes Reaper*
    *I'm practically the Grinch at this point*
    *does amazing but a major issue has come up*
    *3 teammates just respawned*
    *only Mercy, Symmetra, and I are at point*
    *time running out and our point is slipping away*
    *enemy Mei puts up crooked ice wall at entrance where whole team is to avoid Symmetra turrets*
    *11/10 smug face*
    *races over past ice wall*
    *uses ult*
    *kills 4 or 5 people with ult after forcing their whole team away from the point*
    *dies as soon as the timer hits 0.0*
    *person on opposite team couldn't get to point cus ult timing was too perfect*
    *we won game cus of me*
    *teams applauds me(even the guy who said I was trash did)*
    *didn't get POTG*
    *lost it to a Genji*
    *doesn't even care cus I got us that victory*

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