Mine Craft lovers only!

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Thread Topic: Mine Craft lovers only!

  • Ljohnson10 Newbie
  • Ljohnson10 Newbie
    I like minecraft
  • Infinity 1000 Newbie
    Like minecraft?

    I love it!!!
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    imafancyjag Novice
    I don't know what to build onnminecraft have any suggestions
  • seriously who doesn't like minecraft (i also like Pokemon and Minecraft)
  • TheMagic12321 Novice
    Who wants 2 talk... Night mobs
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    Am I the only one that likes the wither? It's really useful for getting rid of mountains
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    TheMagic12321 Novice
    Yeah lol
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    I haven't played Minecraft since because of my last Herobrine encounter.
  • TeamTDM Newbie
    Who saw the real Herobrine.
  • I thought i did but my friend was hacking sooo...

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