I have an idea for a video game

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Thread Topic: I have an idea for a video game

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    I have a notebook with designs and drawings for the video game I have came up with.
    Do you guys wanna hear what the game is about?
    It might sound crappy. :P
  • animefairy18 Newbie
    hi makatakanekoboo im animefairy18 u can call me anime if u want
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    IAmJosh Novice
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    Jinx Blackclaw Advanced
    This actually sounds pretty cool. I'd love to see them.
  • SnowFox Newbie
    yes plz
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    Roboticlus Prime Advanced
    Me too.
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    Yes please.
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    d_h Junior
  • littlebunny27 Newbie
    Yeah! Lets hear it! I always love new video game ideas!

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