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Thread Topic: Netflix

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    Trombonerist Novice
    We all love Netflix, but sometime they don't have our favorite shows on it. What do you guys think should be included in the vast selection of Netflix?
  • Cloverbreeze Newbie
    They need to put on Matilda! It's one of my favorite movies!
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    SpongeBob SquarePants
    The Amazing World Of Gumball
    The Lion King
    Cake Boss

    -bounces off walls- IM SO HYPER.
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    Gravity Falls.
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    Br0wnieBunny Senior
    They already have Cake Boss and Tanked on Netflix. I have an account and both are on my list.

    More anime shows. Dangan Ronpa.
  • Cloverbreeze Novice
    Also Gravity Falls!
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    Trombonerist Novice
    In my opinion, they need to add South Park back on, and take down some of the s---ty shows that nobody watches.
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    dogsbuddy Junior
    Gravity falls obviously.
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    Trombonerist Novice
    They need to add more episodes to shows more often.
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    tazia101 Advanced
    In The Flesh


    Not a TV show but they should have more of the X-Men movies.
  • band girl Newbie
    More mythbusters of corse
  • laylaloo123 Newbie
    They need to add the latest American horror stories

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