would you rather..?

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Thread Topic: would you rather..?

  • yoloswag Novice
    Write witch you prefer out of the previous post options and write your own question.
  • yoloswag Novice
    Would you rather..?
    live a happy lie,
    ...or live your own sad truth?
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    absol heart Experienced
    live a happy lie

    would you rather eat pie, or eat pie?
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    meep da first Junior
    Hmmm, eat pie.

    Would you rather have many boyfriend's or marry the one?
  • sms Newbie
    Marry one, would you rather have no teeth or no ears?
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    absol heart Advanced
    No ears.
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    stormfur Novice
    wood u rather have a knife or a gun?
  • ...
  • Gun..I guess
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  • Would you rather be a paralysis or a mute?
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    Mia is LOUD Experienced

    Would you rather be famous for drawing or singing?
  • Singing

    Would you rather be an ant or roach?

    ^^Sorry. IDK what else say o.o
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    Luna Siren Experienced
    An ant.

    Would you rather vanilla or chocolate?
  • Chocolate!
    Would you rather be on a wheelchair or be an amputee?

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