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Thread Topic: Basketball

  • O1Awesomeness Newbie
  • O1Awesomeness Newbie
    I play center position.
  • Brianna9283 Newbie
    I play as a wing.
  • Boogerdam98 Novice
    I don't know how to play that...
  • totes awesome Newbie
    what posision do you guys play i play point guard and i bring the ball up sometime
  • totes awesome Newbie
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    Sphinx Advanced
    ^Don't do that.
  • TLarenze Newbie
    I like shooting guard
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    Jeeshan Advanced
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    Whiplash Junior
  • Luv myself Novice
    I play offense and I am back up for point guard
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    I'm not on the team my parents won't let me but I have s game in the morning with my guy friend trae I will so win
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    I totally won this morning!
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    The Geek Expert
    i m not black
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    O1Awesomeness Novice
    Geek, you don't have to be black to play basketball.

    I'm awesome at catching rebounds but I think I'll be too short to be a professional center. My predicted height is 6'4".

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