is golfing really a sport?

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Thread Topic: is golfing really a sport?

  • Niecey Newbie
    i don't think it is, you don't do much besides hit a small white ball
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    Sports19 Junior
    Eh, I consider it a sport just not an immensely athletic one. It's actually really hard, I just don't find it that interesting.
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    tongue Advanced
    Black people, contrary to popular belief, like golf. Why? Because it's a bunch of guys hitting a white object.

    Hockey is not as popular in the "community". You can probably guess why.
  • quizmasters Newbie
    I don't think so
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    Sunday1 Junior
    Its a sport at my school, I don't really know why, it seems pretty boring...
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    Ashl3y Experienced
    Golf is so interesting. :O
    Am I really the only one who thinks that? xP
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    SG115 Junior
    Golf is considered a sport, but it's not as popular as basketball, baseball, and football. Indeed, golf is boring -_-
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    I'm pretty sure it is.

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