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    Magie Magic Hot Shot
    Oh? What's this? Seams you have an... Invitation in the mail? My my, you haven't been invited to anything in centuries, What could this be?

    Dear Reader,

    You are receiving this invitation because you have been deemed as one of the five most... Interesting beings in existence. Today you will be dining with four others, who have also been deemed as the top five most entertaining beings, as well myself.

    We hope that you come in your best clothes, and look forward to getting to know you. Please know that bringing pets to this celebration is strictly prohibited... After the incident with Cerberus, we don't want to take any chances. Anywho, I look forward to seeing you!

    Yours Truly, Lucifer.

    An invitation from Lucifer to his yearly Tea Party? Oh, how grand! He has a different selection every year, and his tea parties are known for being surprisingly pleasant and grand! Oh, but what shall you wear to such an event? After all, he doesn't mention a colour scheme or theme, simply says to wear your best... Well, what's the best for a celestial being? An entity?

    As you stumble to think of what to wear to such of an event, Lucifer sits in his throne, smiling. He knows that everyone he chose has motive to kill a certain guest, the question is, who will it be to murder him?


    Yes, this is a murder mystery with Celestial Beings as the host, suspects, victim, etc.

    I will make the victim and Lucifer.

    The murderer will be chosen randomly, and I will design the crime scene accordingly. All of you will have to find out who the murderer is, and not even the person whose character is the murderer will know. So naturally, everyone must act as if they are both not, and are, the murderer.

    You will all have a vote at the end to decide who the murderer is. If the majority selects incorrectly, then all of you will be trapped in hell for eternity, except the murderer who will be set free with a gift basket. However, if the majority guesses correctly, you'll all be set free with gift baskets, and the murderer will be trapped in hell for eternity.

    You're allowed one character to start, if we don't have enough people by tomorrow then you can make a second.

    Any questions, feel free to ask!

    Character Card:

    Bio: (Optional)
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    Mercury Black Newbie
    (( May I join with Mother Nature?/ Archangel Gabriel))
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    Magie Magic Hot Shot
    Name: Lucifer
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: British

    Job: He is the King of Hell
    Powers: Controlling fire, commanding/creating demons, learning people's fears and desires, getting the truth out of people, flying, and teleporting.
    Personality: Cunning, manipulative, controlling, short tempered, clever, intelligent, logical, reasonable, witty, creative, disciplined, fair, charming, seductive, mysterious, inquisitive, curious, stubborn, and unpredictable.
    Likes: Making people squirm, punishing those who do wrong, drama, plot twists, suspense, change, people losing control, mortals, logic, control, justice, and class.
    Dislikes: Unnecessary or Unreasonable chaos, boredom, God, blind faith, refusal, routine, and people getting away with things without putting any work into it/earning it.
    Motive: Chaos is really annoying to him and he doesn't think much about killing other deities when they annoy him. Plus, what's not to love about making the party interesting? That's right, Lucifer, the host, is also a suspect in all this. Now, doesn't that make things interesting?
    Bio: (Don't read if you're religious and are upset when your faith is challenged. I don't want to make anyone upset.)
    Well, it's a really long story. See, he was once the favorite child, but then God started up a new project called Humanity. Like Lucifer, Humanity also received the gift of free will, something only Lucifer and God had before them. Filled with jealousy, Lucifer planned to destroy Humanity... However upon further investigation, he discovered that Humanity was just as much alive as he was, and discovered that his father's game with them was sadistic and cruel. So, he got Eve to eat the apple, the very thing that would give them the freedom to choose their path for themselves. It didn't pan out so well, and Lucifer was banished. In order to regain the Human's support, God claimed that Lucifer was banished because he thought he was prettier than everyone else, and that because of that no one should listen to him. To this day, that explanation infuriates Lucifer. However now Lucifer has succeeded in many ways to give Humans free will.
    Other: He is the host of the tea party.
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    Ruby Rose Experienced
    ( ( I gave two options since I’m not sure of what he character options are))
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    Magie Magic Hot Shot
    And sure! Just wait for me to make the victim card before you make your card.
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    Magie Magic Hot Shot
    Name: Eris Limbo
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: ???
    Outfit: (in pic)
    Job: She's the Goddess of Chaos
    Powers: She can make anything she wants happen with the snap of her fingers, she has a sonic screech.
    Personality: Depressed, cruel, merciless, annoying, clingy, creepy, unfair, unpredictable, childish, distant, impatient, sadistic, sociopathic, manipulative, and easily offended.
    Likes: Chaos
    Dislikes: Logic
    Motive: She despises herself and everyone around her. (That's right, she's the victim, and yet she could also be the murderer. Suicide most likely.)
    Bio: (I will add later based on your motives)
    Other: She is the victim
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    Magie Magic Hot Shot
    The options are any God, or Entity, or 'all powerful being', that you find interesting.
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    Allow me to join up once again with my friend, however brief it is. I chose to be Sobek, Egyptian god.
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    Name: Chloris, Khloris, or Flora, she don't care
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Greek
    Appearance: Light brown hair done up in a bun, with a golden band on her head.
    Outfit: Light brown and light blue robe
    Job: She's a goddess
    Powers: As the goddess of flowers, she has nature related powers
    Personality: She makes it her personal business to be an absolute mom to everyone, she's very empathetic, although she is often called empathetic without the "em"
    Likes: Those who will accept her "mom"-ing and nature
    Dislikes: People who harm the environment
    Motive: She wouldn't mind having humans wiped out of existence, just so long as they are mean
    Bio: She has a husband and a son.
    Other: Is going catatonic about the tea party except for the fact that tea is made from dried herbs

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