Elementals vs The Disasterans

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Thread Topic: Elementals vs The Disasterans

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    Magie Magic Hot Shot
    (I’m not that active with role playing anymore, so I won’t be running this role play. I’ll try to make a non important character so I can jump in here and there without disturbing the role play.)

    In a world of chaos and free will, where life is thriving but unpredictable, Demi Gods known as Elementals are responsible for taking care of the Earth. Unfortunately for each Elemental, there’s a Disasteran made to torment them.

    The Elementals:

    C1, the Elemental of Plants.
    C2, the Elemental of Animals.
    C3, the Elemental of Water.
    C4, the Elemental of Ground.
    C5, the Elemental of Air.

    The Disasterans

    C6, the Disasteran of Fire. Counterpart of C1
    C7, the Disasteran of Disease. Counterpart of C2
    C8, the Disasteran of Electricity. Counterpart of C3
    C9, the Disasteran of Change. Counterpart of C4
    C10, the Disasteran of Storms. Counterpart of C5


    The Role Play focuses attention on the Elemental’s daily lives. If you aren’t an active role player a Disasteran might be a good character for you because they only pop in when they feel like it.

    You can have as many characters as you want, but for a more enjoyable role play try not to control two characters that are counterparts to each other.

    There will be a posting order for Elementals, but Disasterans can post between the order. However, a Disasteran must wait for their counterpart to post a response to their post before posting again.

    Romance between characters is allowed if two agree on it.

    Posting order can be put aside for events such as a fight or conversation between an Elemental and Disasteran.

    I may add more rules in the future.
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    Magie, you're back. I don't know for how long but I'm not gonna worry about it and join this roleplay. Can I be C2
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    Magie Magic Hot Shot
    Sure you can be C2. I was at school when I made this so I'll post the character card now.

    Sorry that I disappear when I come in here. I've been focusing a lot more on projects that I'm working on and role playing hasn't been a big part of my life lately. So whenever I'm inactive for a day, a role play immediately jumps way ahead of me and I feel too awkward to push myself back in and so I end up disappearing lol.
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    Magie Magic Hot Shot
    Character: (C1, C2, etc)
    Bio: (optional)
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    S_E_ Senior
    C10 sounds like a character with great potential! I might not post a red sheet until C5 does though because I think it'd be nice to play off of them.
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    Magie Magic Hot Shot
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    Magie Magic Hot Shot
    I'm going to be C9
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    Magie Magic Hot Shot
    Name: Chance Charrit
    Age: 2019 years old, looks and acts 20
    Gender: female
    Sexuality: pansexual
    Nationality: British/Californian
    Character: C9
    Powers: She can influence living beings to change and grow and influence their decisions, she can transform her features to fit the current standards, she can change the state of the ground, and she can trigger an Earthquake when in extreme anger.
    Weaknesses: She's dependent on the Human race for power, so she must nurture them to survive. She also goes into a coma at random times for different lengths of time.
    Fears: The Human Race dying and time stopping.
    Desires: Freedom, adventure, thrill, and chaos.
    Personality: She is very easily bored, and very curious. She's obsessed with new things, exploring, and growing. She's quick thinking, flexible, and reasonable, as well as unpredictable and creative. She's a genius in some ways, but a fool in others. She's silly and humorous and naïve, and she believes everyone is an automatic friend as long as they aren't boring.
    other: When she goes into a coma, she is teleported to a void where the Demi Gods can rest when dead or near-dead until she wakes up. This protects her body from enemies that might take advantage.
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    Name: Leo Barton
    Age: 3000, looks and acts 18
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Nationality: Polynesian
    Appearance: Dark skin, tall, muscular, straight black hair, red eyes, monarch butterfly wings wrapped around his body like a poncho, wears a white t-shirt, black jeans
    Character: C2
    Powers: Flight, communication with animals, transform parts of his body to different animals for different situations
    Weaknesses: If an animal goes extinct, he cannot use the power of that animal ever again unless it is somehow resurrected, he cannot stop the evolution process which might cause an animal to go extinct
    Fears: Total eradication of all animal life
    Desires: For all animals to be safe
    Personality: When around animals, Leo is a nice, calm and friendly individual, but knows perfectly well that not all animals are his friend and he respects them all. If around other demigods, his demeanor remains almost the same but a little more cautious to demigods he hasn't met.
    Other: He really hates humans (more specifically poachers) and domestic cats because they both hunt for fun or profit rather than food.
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    S_E_ Senior
    Magie would you be open to people taking two characters if not a lot of people join?
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    Magie Magic Hot Shot
    You can have as many characters as you like
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    Magie Magic Hot Shot
    It explains that in the rules
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    S_E_ Senior
    Oops sorry I just can't read lol

    I'd also like C1, if nobody else wants them, and I'll post ref sheets in the morning
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    Magie Magic Hot Shot
    No problem!
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    S_E_ Senior
    Name: Asha Abara
    Age: 2054
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Nationality: West African
    Appearance: This but with slightly darker skin
    Character: C1
    Powers: She can manipulate plants, make them grow or die, and bring dead plants back to life.
    Weaknesses:She can't create plants, they have to be there. She also can't protect plants from being burned/chopped down.
    Fears: Mass-deforestation, pollution
    Desires: To be as eco-friendly as possible, to raise awareness about the environment and food shortages.
    Personality: Asha is extremely devoted to things that are important to her, and she's hard to impress. She's not a very laid back person, but once you get to know her she's kind.
    Other: She helps out with programs to bring gardens and greenhouses to cities.

    Can't post C10 right now because something came up, sorry!

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