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    Ericat Junior
    C1 is nervous. Their first dance is in 8th grade, and they have no one to ask. C1 doesn't really have any friends either, except C2. However, when their teacher (C3) says they're doing an assignment, everyone gets excited until C3 says that he/she is paring up the partners.
    And what do you know? C4, C1's greatest enemy just HAPPENS to be C1's partner. C1 is kind of angry at the teacher, but can't really do anything about it, so C1 just learns to deal with C4, until C1 learns that C4 isn't all that bad, and eventually starts to like C4. But does C4 like them back?

    Ok, so rules...

    1. No one liners, please try your best to write in paragraphs.
    2. No controlling anybody's character. Basically don't make someone else's character do something. That someone controls their own character, and you control yours.
    3. HAVE FUN!!!

    Looks (face and outfit):

    You have to be 13 or 14 (unless you're C3) is because they're supposed to be 8th graders. I guess you could make them older, because they go held back a few times or something, or younger because they skipped a grade, but if you do, please tell me why they're older/younger in the OTHER section.
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    Ericat Junior
    The early bird gets the worm, so I chose C1.

    Name: Simon
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Looks (face and outfit): C1 is kind of a nerdy character, and she has red hair, brown eyes, and round glasses. She also has freckles on her face.
    Personality: She likes the color neon blue, loves riding her bike, and loves to help others with classwork. She also turns in all her classwork in time.
    Fears/weaknesses: Her biggest fears are bad grades and mistakes.
    Other: I just wanted to say that if nobody wants to play C3 (because I just thought a lot of people didn't) I'll play him/her as well.
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    Ericat Junior
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    Ericat Junior
    Just copy and paste the whole thing onto another tab, because of you just click the link, it's gonna go to a blank image.
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    Ericat Junior
    Also another thing I wanted to say was, can we PLEASE not do turns, because that means you have to WAIT AND WAIT until the next 3 people or so go, and I "strongly dislike" doing that. So just do it randomly.
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    Jayfeather310 Senior
    this is super cliche, but ya know, i’d join if you’d like.
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    katqueen45 Senior
    I'll also join, if you'll have me :)
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    Ericat Junior
    Okay. Just fill out a Character Card, and join on in (also, what does cliche mean)
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    Weirdhead Junior
    can I join, and can I be c3?
  • cliché

    a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.
    "the old cliché “one man's meat is another man's poison.”"
    platitude · hackneyed phrase · commonplace · banality · truism · trite phrase · [more]

    a very predictable or unoriginal thing or person.
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    a stereotype or electrotype.
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    boss baby Novice
    can i join? i'll be C4 please
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    boss baby Novice
    Name: Sam
    Gender: boy
    Looks: tall, friendly, kind loves the color pink
    Fears: Squeal Sound, Bad GraDes,
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    goodgirlo Novice
    May I join? I'd like to be C2, but if that doesn't work, I'll be a different character.
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    Ericat Junior
    Sure Weirdhead can join. But that's the maximum ammount of characters we can have so...
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    Ericat Junior
    So Weirdhead, KatQieen45, Jayfeather, and obvs me.

    No hard feelings Boss Baby, but you signed up too late. Sorry.

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