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    katqueen45 Senior
    I'm gonna go with no, actually
    Since Cordelia's eyes can turn people to stone, the school has allowed for her to have her own dorm
    And then, throughout the day she has to wear sunglasses to prevent from her turning her peers into stone, and Cordelia's dorm is the one place she doesn't have to wear them
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    Paige_ Senior
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    I briefly forgot, that despite all of the hilarity a bunch of students are going missing and someone is going to kill Lucinda.

    Anyway I’ll respond tomorrow. Please do not skip me
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Lol no one's gone missing yet
    Soon, though. Soon >:)
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Just let me know when Lucinda is killed, so you can control what happens.

    I realised something. As a ghost Lucinda is tethered to the earthly realm.



    She can’t go home.
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    katqueen45 Senior
    How early do you want Lucinda to die? We'll have a few encounters with some kidnappers before we meet the main antagonists

    And don't worry, we can have an arc where we focus on having Lucinda move on to the after life (like how in movies when ghosts, spirits, or demons are put to rest and stop haunting a house)
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    I’d actually like to be surprised?
    This way I can have her act normally rather than force anything.

    I want her being killed to have some meaning and not just be a way to give jD Angst.
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Okie doke, I understand πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

    If there's anything I'm good at, it's killing off innocent characters that I've become attached to in order for story progression and character development 😒😭😭
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Caspian's siblings (from oldest to youngest) haha y'all really thought I was exaggerating when I said that he had 22 siblings

    (29) Makara: Transgender (mtf) oldest

    (27) Bayou: Male
    (27) Banks: Male (identical twins^)

    (26) Anita: Female

    (25) Cordelia: Female
    (25) Coral: Female (identical twins^)

    (24) Monroe: Nonbinary

    (23) Octavian: Male
    (23) Ophelia: Female (fraternal twins^)

    (22) Tropica: Female
    (22) Oceana: Female
    (22) Varuna: Female (fraternal triplets^)

    (21) Irwing: Male

    (20) Murdoch: Male
    (20) Murlowe: Male
    (20) Marian: Male
    (20) Mary Rose: Female (fraternal quadruplets^)

    (19) Po: Male

    (18) Myrtle: Female

    (17) Maris: Trangender (ftm)
    (17) Marsh: Female (identical twins^)

    (16) Cerulean: Male
    (16) Caspian! Male (fraternal twins^)

    No one asked for this, but I'm here to give it anyways!
    Let's just say that.. Caspian's mom is extremely fertile?
    Also, Caspian's mom died right after giving birth to him :/ ouch
    So of course all of his older siblings blame Caspian for their mother's death, and they all treat him like crap (except a select few, but they'll be revealed later)

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