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    katqueen45 Senior
    The roleplay no one asked to be redone but ya hoe is redoing it anyway~

    Congratulations! You've been accepted to Fantasia Academy of Monsters!

    Our school provides engaging classes and challenging academics for all students! We teach from grades 1 to 12 and make sure that every student is prepared for a life of success. We're proud to be a blue ribbon school for monsters, hybrids, and every other creature under the sun. We provide ideal learning environments with the help of the top teachers and professors of our time. We're so proud to have you join us this school year, and hopefully more to come.

    Greatest regards, Principal Graves.

    At this prestigious school for monsters of all sorts, it seems to be a dream come true for anyone who attends. Those who graduate are said to be guaranteed a life of success and fortune... However, under this picture of perfection, the academy houses many secrets. Students have begun to go missing, and it's up to us to find out the mysteries that the school has and save the missing students before it's too late.

    You can make up to two main characters, but atleast one of them has to be a teen and attend the high school portion of the academy. Of course you can control other characters such as siblings or friends, but the side characters won't have a character sheet.

    The roleplay kind of fell apart last time so I'm gonna enforce the rules more, if necessary
    1. The obvious ones: No godmodding, no mary sue or gary stu characters, no spamming, no one liners (I will allow some one liners, but only if your character is unable to do much. Even then, you could bulls--- some words into your reponse, I do it all the time to make some of my posts longer)
    2. Keep! With! The! Pacing! I'll control all timeskips, your character has to be in sync with everyone else, no going off to lunch while everyone else is still at first period
    3. Please don't try and push the plot forward without warning or reason (Ex: Joe finds a masked man and confronts him!!!) - With all due respect, the villains of the story are smart enough to not get caught like that
    4. No arguing while the roleplay is going on; or, at the very least, no arguing in this particular thread
    5. If you wanna join, ask first and wait for my answer. This is a roleplay where I don't mind if you join even if we're in the middle of the roleplay, as long as you ask first.
    6. Don't get offended if you get skipped! I get that you're all busy and you have lives, but the roleplay must go on. You'll be eligible to be skipped if you haven't responded within 24 hours

    Character Sheet
    Wears (in uniform):
    Wears (when not in uniform):
    Weapons, if any:
    Pets, if any:

    Uniforms for girls:
    •Plaid skirts that are a dark color of your choosing, must be at or below your fingertip length to prevent skirts from being too short
    •White button up dress shirt
    •Black flats, dark boots, dark tennis shoes, or dark heels (closed toe) must wear socks
    •Girls also have the option to wear pants (see below)

    Uniforms for boys:
    •Dress pants that are either beige, gray, black, or brown
    •White button up dress shirt
    •Black dress shoes, dark boots, dark tennis shoes (basically any closed toe shoe that's either black or dark) must wear socks
    •Boys also have the option to wear skirts (see above)

    Accessories (optional):
    •Ties (any color) of all types (bow tie, ascots, etc.)
    •Blazer (either black or dark in color)
    •Belt (either black, dark in color, brown, or gray) belts however are required if the pants or skirt don't fit a character right and underwear is visible

    For winter or cold weather, all types of jackets are allowed, regardless of color or type

    If you want more info about uniforms, or you'd like me to go more in dept, just ask

    It may seem like I'm being overbearing with all the uniform regulations but a character can really read in between the lines and get away with some crazy stuff (Ex: The teacher looked at Joe in disapproval, but couldn't do anything about their rainbow knee high socks because it didn't directly violate the dress code)

    I'll post more into about the school, teachers, and classes in the separate thread that I'm about to make-- along with a very basic map of the academy.

    Have fun with your characters, can't wait to see what you guys come up with! ♡♡♡
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    I wish to join man. Can I be two hybrids if you let me in?
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Yeah of course
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    Cool, I'll have to make them tomorrow, cause I'm tired.
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Hoi may i join?
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Yeah you can join too pheonix 👍
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Name: Erratum
    Species: Hyzanilk
    Gender: genderless, but counts themselves as male
    Age: 17
    Wears (in uniform): brown dress pants and an altered dress shirt, with small dog boots for his canine feet
    Wears (when not in uniform): usually loose pants, but has been spotted walking around with nothing
    Powers: can open small portals to a pocket dimension of his, has telekinesis, and can teleport short distances
    Weaknesses: hes pretty frail, and can get hurt pretty easily.
    Fears: being alone for long periods of time
    Weapons, if any: his caws but thats it
    Pets, if any: nope
    Personality: Erratum is a little quiet but doesnt mind being around strangers. He takes things a little to letteraly
    Bio: Erratum is from a different plane of existence, as well as the rest of his species. Most of the Hyzanilk are extreamly aggressive and most of the species are cannibalistic.
    Other: erratum is an adolescent Hyzanilk, and once he reaches adulthood his appearance will change

    Ive got a second character that i want to use but im going to draw him first
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    Name: Charlie Steele
    Species: Unicorn-dragon Hybrid
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Looks: Human:
    Wears (in uniform): Beige dress pants, white button up dress shirt, dark boots
    Wears (when not in uniform): In the human picture, with blue jeans and the same dark boots
    Powers: Fire breath, switching from human to hybrid, flight, and he can fire rainbow blasts out of his horn
    Weaknesses: Because of dragon anatomy, he can't fly and breath fire at the same time or it reduces his flight mobility.
    Fears: Being seen as a freak forever
    Weapons, if any: N/A
    Pets, if any: N/A
    Personality: Apathetic, loner, smart, he will be protective of friends if he has any. Sometimes, he's lazy
    Bio: No one in the world ever thought unicorns and dragons would ever get along. Well Charlie is living proof that one member of each species had a kid. He should be treated as something special, but for most of his life he was picked on by dragons and unicorns alike. The unicorns were fearful of his dragon side and the dragons were jealous of his grace. Both sides looked at him like a freak, so he never had any friends.
    Other: He was told by his unicorn mom that all Liopleurodons are magical and to shun those that don't believe

    Name: Ryker Silvark
    Species: Phoenix-dragon hybrid
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Looks: Human: Short, orange hair, yellow eyes, tall, skinny, white skin
    Wears (in uniform): Gray dress pants, white button-up dress shirt, dark tennis shoes, flaming red bowtie
    Wears (when not in uniform): Orange hoodie, yellow shirt, black jeans, sneakers that have flames on them
    Powers: Fire breath, flight, ramming attack, as a last resort, he can set himself on fire and ram into an opponent,
    Weaknesses: Water will render him unable to fly or use his fire attacks, when he uses his last resort, he burns off this feathers and can't fly until they regrow
    Fears: Water
    Weapons, if any: N/A
    Pets, if any: N/A
    Personality: Caring, friendly, smart, he will be protective of friends, active, always running around
    Bio: (Is it okay if I skip this, I can't really think of anything)
    Other: He is Charlie's cousin
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Hey do you think I could join in with some

    Jersey devil mothman content?
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Sure puppet 👏
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Name: Jordan Davies/ Jersey Devil
    Species: one of a kind. ( Satan spawn, jersey devil.)
    Gender: non-binary
    Age: they are actually a few centuries old but they were deaged 15 years ago, so they’re technically 15.
    Looks: Jordan has long naturally white hair, which shows at their roots, but it’s been dyed red and orange and gets lighter as it goes down. It looks like fire,
    Their hair is half shaved and usually braided and pushed to one side, they have several tattoos and piercings.
    Wears (in uniform): JD often goes between the two uniforms.
    Girl uniform: Jd has sewn chains onto the breast pocket of the shirt and the bottom left corner has a lavender spider print spray painted onto it. They wear ripped fishnets, and knee high rocker boots. The skirt has chains all over it. It’s slightly ripped as well.
    They’ll often try to sneak heir leather jacket on too.
    The boys uniforms is pretty much the same except the trousers have holes and they wear a belt that has like spikes on it.
    Wears (when not in uniform): leather jacket, some kind of band , cryptid or Satan related t shirt, and either a dark ripped skirt and fishnets or black tight skinny jeans.
    Powers: JD has the usual run of the mil hellspawn powers.
    They have charm person and fire manipulation.
    They can fly.
    Weaknesses: run of the mil demon stuff.
    Fears: I don’t actually know yet
    Weapons, if any: sass
    Pets, if any: spike the hellhound
    Personality: JD is a rebellious little f---, hey are gold hearted though. I can’t wait to explore them better,
    Other: I love them

    Name: Mothman
    Species: Mothman
    Gender: Bi-gender
    Age: mothman
    Looks: mothman, like Jd who only occasionally has feathery red wings and horns, will occasionally look very different.
    Their eyes turn red, they gain antenna, they get large wings, claws , talons and fangs. Their skin goes from pale to grey.
    Normally mothman has light brown hair that will be In a pixie cut or will be long and last shoulder length depending on how they feel. They usually have brown eyes.
    Wears (in uniform): mothman dresses pretty normal. The only thing that may not be strictly regulation is their little moth pin.
    They don’t wear any accessories other than their moth themed tie, that resembles a moths wing.
    Wears (when not in uniform): mothman changes quite frequently
    Powers: shape shifter, flight, strength, can turn invisible.
    Weaknesses: while hardy mothman can be hurt,
    Fears: JD anywhere near gasoline.
    Weapons, if any: nope
    Pets, if any: Does being Jd’s babysitter count-
    Personality: mothman is intelligent, polite and very considerate of others. They are very by the book.
    Other: Jd and Mothman are weird friends
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Name: Wraith
    Species: Void Wyrm
    Gender: male
    Age: 17
    Wears (in uniform): The normal boys uniform with his mask
    Wears (when not in uniform): black jacket with a gray shirt and blue jeans
    Powers: he breaths a extremely toxic substance that is deadly to most creatures. when in his true form he is able to control this, and can survive just fine in this realm, but when in his human form he must where a respirator to help him breath. can open portal to the void in any reflective surface
    Weaknesses: if you trap him in his human form, its ridiculously easy to kill him
    Fears: loosing his mask, suffocating, bright lights
    Weapons, if any: none
    Pets, if any: he has a flerken named shiba
    Personality: Wraith is over all rather friendly, if a little shy. he doesnt often start a coversation, but once you get him talking he often forgets how to stop
    Other: (cookie to who ever figures out what he is based one lol)
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Yep lol
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Name: Raynne Cirrus
    Species: Half cloud nymph, half angel
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Looks: In her most human form, Raynne is more angel-like, with two pink eyes and white hair and white porcelain skin. In this form she has angelic wings on her back that's cloudlike.
    She has a more cloudy form where her legs are nonexistent, just white puffs of clouds, she has four pink eyes, her hair is white puffs of clouds, and she floats around.
    Wears (in uniform): White dress shirt, Black and dark purple plaid skirt, white knee-high socks, and black flats (she's usually in her more humanish angel form while at school)
    Wears (when not in uniform): Her favorite colors are blue and rainbow, so she usually wears crop tops or crop hoodies of those colors. In cloud form she doesn't need to worry about bottoms, but otherwise she'll wear just regular jeans coupled with flats/ballet-esque shoes
    Powers: Flight, the power to turn into a cloud and rain on people and make lightning, controlling lightning in general (she can only rain in cloud form, she can control lightning in every form)
    Weaknesses: Just the very presence of demons weaken her, and chanting "Raynne Raynne go away" will mess her up and she'll start to actually dissipate a little, which hinders her movement
    Fears: Socializing, other monsters, public speaking
    Weapons, if any: None
    Pets, if any: None, though animals do like her
    Personality: Very quiet, a pacifist who rarely gets angry. She keeps to herself and is observant, and very sensitive and over emotional
    Bio: Her father is Mr. Cirrus, a teacher who teaches the middle school portion of the academy self control and meditation class. This, however, is her first year at this school, she's been homeschooled most of her life and has been living with her mother, a literal angel. Her mother runs an orphanage and Raynne often makes friends with the kids, she treats them as family
    Other: As usual, I'll draw her later xD

    I'm about to make a second character so gimme a second

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