Monsters Aren't Real

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Thread Topic: Monsters Aren't Real

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    demonwolf2 Senior
    You know those stories that your parents would tell you,When you disobey them? For instance"If you don't go to sleep,then the bogeyman would come and get you" But what if those stories about the monster being under your bed,In your closet,watching,waiting for their opportunity to dine on your flesh on take your soul were all true? What if during the night,these creatures would appear from the darkness,coming to get you? I don't know about you,but I'd scream at the top of my f---ing lungs and get my baseball bat from under my bed as a weapon,If this were to happen to me.Period.

    C1,C2,C3,and C4 are all monsters and are all after this one child(C5). The four monsters of course have to take turns in tormenting the child in their own nightmarish ways,Of course C1 has to go first,since they were the one to come up with the idea. During their turn,C1 gets distracted by the child's pet,leading to a portal opening,dropping the child into the realm of monsters. With their prey/in dangered child being in the realm,The monster go on a journey to get the child back to where they belong. But getting the child back will be a problem itself.In which the monsters would have to reveal themselves in front of the child.
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Can I join with the jersey devil?
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    demonwolf2 Senior

    Character Sheet:

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    Can I join?
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    demonwolf2 Senior
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Name: Jersey Devil ( J.D)
    Age: f--- if they even know at this point ( born 1735 )
    Gender: non-binary
    Personality: J.D is bitter and angry at their father, however they have their moments of sweetness. They are usuall quite blunt and enjoy making other people suffer, since they have quite literally been through hell themselves with no comfort,
    Appearance: long white hair shaved on one side. Red eyes. Looks kind of innocent...curly devils horns, and deep crimson feathery wings, they have sharp claws.
    Likes: punk music, being edgy, motorcycles, meat, barbecue, your mom jokes,
    Dislikes: your mom, rules, regulations, health code, being told what to do.
    Powers: regular run of the mil demon stuff,
    Some fallen angel stuff.
    Lightning , blood and fire based abilities is here forte
    In order
    1. Fire
    2 lightning
    3 ( they’re still learning and at a novice stage ) blood
    Weaknesses: They answer to Satan. Can be kept out with rituals, can be excorsiced, needs to eat to recover energy. Very angry and bitter.
    Other(optional): has a pet hell hound named spike.
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    Name: Ken
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Loner, cold, deceptive, secretive,
    Appearance: He has no legs, just a snake tail, he has arms and a snake like head, He's covered in scales and has a pattern like a Diamondback Rattlesnake on his back. He also has a snake hood that reaches from his head to his hips, yellow eyes
    Likes: Eating, sneaking around, being alone
    Dislikes: Crowds, someone milking his fangs
    Powers: Venomous bite, can sense heat signatures
    Weakness: He can't stand cold temperatures
    Other: One of the few people he cares about is his little sister.
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    demonwolf2 Senior
    Name:Tenebris(Dark in Latin)
    Likes:Killing,the night,blood.
    Dislikes:the day,kids,humans
    Powers:Has the power manipulate people's minds and control their dreams,teleportation,Shadow manipulation.

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