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  • How well do you know me?
    [published: Nov 1, 2017]

    This is a different kind of Are you a genius quiz.I just did this for fun but you're free to take the…

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  • ""I-I c-could handle guns and other long range weapons." Razor said softly as soon averted her gaze to the floor,nervously fidgeting in place..."
  • Monsters Aren't Real
    "Name:Tenebris(Dark in Latin) Age:Unknown Gender:Female Personality:Serious,Sadistic,Intelligent,Sneaky,Sly Appearanc"
  • Monsters Aren't Real
  • Monsters Aren't Real
    "Sure. Character Sheet: Name: Age: Gender: Personality: Appearance: Likes: Disl"
  • Monsters Aren't Real
    "You know those stories that your parents would tell you,When you disobey them? For instance"If you don't go to sleep,then the bogeyman would..."
  • "Razor looked at Hayes as her expression showed one of confusion and curiosity,soon slowly going over to the tree person as she lightly grabb..."
  • "Razor watched silently as Erratum had walked over towards the pile,her eyebrow raising up at hearing about weapons."Like guns and other thin..."
  • "Razor slowly nodded her head at Erratum's words,but still didn't completely trust him,Her white and blue angel wings fluttering behind her. ..."
  • "Razor slowly stepped out from behind Klaus as she stood a distance away from the monster in front of her,a shiver going down her spine out o..."
  • "Razor was led into the lab as she furrowed her brows at seeing Erratum,trying her best to not not seem afraid as she gripped onto her bow,al..."
  • Sade's thread
    "Try Apple Pie,It'll be worth it."
  • "(*internally is dieing from laughter*) *pulls up a sign with the words"Never Trust Strangers"* By screaming "Fire",You'll notif"
  • "Take both of our advices for self defense,kids. Still go for homerun with the males."
  • "Remember kids,If someone touches you in a place that makes you uncomfortable. Aim for the f---ing nuts,Guy"
  • Sade's thread
    "Only pumpkin pie? I've had that,blueberry pie,and apple pie. Those were good as f---."

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