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  • How well do you know me?
    [published: Nov 1, 2017]

    This is a different kind of Are you a genius quiz.I just did this for fun but you're free to take the…

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  • "Character: (C1-5)C4 Name:Jackalin Hunter Gender:Female Age: 16,was turned when she was just 14 years old Appearance:"
  • "Can I join with C4?"
  • The Facility
    "Katima silently glared at Erratum,soon flicking a pebble at his face,using a bit of her strength as it boosted into his face."
  • The Facility
    "Katima silently looked around as she kept her guard up in case something happen,seeing something out of the corner of her eye,turning her he..."
  • Legends of Calian
    "Midnight soon had her hand/paws around two soldiers and proceeded to snap their necks,her eye glowing faintly as she lets out a howl."
  • Improv
    "(._. Your point?)"
  • Improv
    ""Beep,Beep comin' through." Accalia said as she soon slid into the portal."
  • Improv
    "(Listen,Buddy. I ain't finna take an hour to find another word that means to comment thoughtfully or ruminate upon. Clearly,No one else has ..."
  • Improv
    "(I'm not gonna say anything to what you just asked me.)"
  • Improv
    ""Excellent idea." Accalia mused out as she smirked."
  • The Seven Deadly Sins
    "Sloth soon had fell off the branch,her form disappearing into a bush below the branch."Can't kill everything,Ya know..Even if we did fight b..."
  • Improv
    "Accalia poked her head out the window,a hot dog resting in her mouth."Yo,Ya good?" She spoke but it was muffled from her stuffed mouth."
  • Legends of Calian
    "With Captain decapitating a soldier's head from their body. Very modified)"
  • Legends of Calian
    "(I feel like this was in one of the comics nix heh)"
  • Legends of Calian
    ""Just focus next time you do that." Midnight huffed out as she soon walked off."

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