The murder of crows.

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Thread Topic: The murder of crows.

  • "S-shady? No, Briar saved me... I'm, erm, Orion!" he said, giving a small wave to the lady. She seemed to hold lots of authority, and she was loud, so he wasn't sure he liked her very much. She'd take some getting used to.
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    “ a human. Briar.” The women said with a sigh,
    “ liora, please,” briar sighed back.
    “ this is Liora briars older twin sister.” Zain told Orion, “ she’s the manager of this s--- hole,”

    Briar excused them and led his human into the kitchen. “ can you help me cut up some vegetables?”

    ( welcome to cooking with a killer witch,)
  • 'his human'))

    Orion nodded. "Your family seems... nice." He tried, racking his brain for a compliment as he took the knife into his hand.
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    “ Libra is a control freak and Zain is an edgy teenager.” Briar said with a laugh. “ I love them but they are both awful children.” Briar said as he masterfully sliced up vegetables for the salads.
    “ we’ll spend a lot of time here, and at the apothecary”
  • "Apothecary?" Orion asked, helping with the vegetables but not nearly as fast nor skillful.
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    ( I love the idea that Orion doesn’t realise briar is a witch until like someone outright states it, )

    “ medicine.” Briar said simply. He gently takes Orion by the hand and guides him into a faster and more delicate chop.
    “ I can give you cooking lessons if you like?”he offered gently,

    ( I just realised I didn’t mention that the cafe is in our time, the door is a time portal as well as a magic portal...but briar lives in orions time , which is medieval)
  • orion - hmhmhm im just a young, oblivious closetcase don't mind me

    oh dang good to know))

    Orion smiled. "I've always wanted to learn how to cook! My father said it was a 'foolish ladies errand', and forbade me from mentioning it again." He laughed quietly, thinking back at the memory, although the beating he got from that question was nothing to laugh about.
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    ( briar is a millennial. Technically he’s to young for Orion but heyyy time travel got to time travel / this implies people are being burnt at the stake in our timeline)
    Who hurt my small child :(

    Briar scoffed “learning to cook is not a ‘ ladies errand. Your father is a ducking idiot.” The tall man said annoyed, as he carefully guided the hand of the supposedly straight male. This was when a green haired beauty made his presence clear.
    “ briar, baby, you’re back thank f---ing satyra. I need you to help me with these cake.” He said sounding very annoyed, but also flirtatious.
    “ whatever you need sugar” briar responded back in the same tone. “ Orion this is Lucien. My best friend, and the biggest pain in the ass ever. He’s our pastry chef.” * briar f---ing stop it.
  • Orion's smile faltered slightly when he noticed how flirtatious Lucien was with Briar, and the nicknames they had. He gave a shy wave to Lucien and silently went back to work, a sad gay.
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    A blue haired boy walked in to take the fisnished pasyries, and lucien gave him a quick peck on the cheek. This almost caused the boy to drop the plates.
    “ lucien, Roman, not at work!” Liora said as she walked past them and up the stairs to her office.
    A girl with magenta hair scoffed “ gays.” She said as she took some plates.
    “ lesbian?” Lucien shrugged.
    “ mature adults.” Briar pointed out to Orion with a scoff.
  • Orion smiled a little, though he didn't know why. Frick, he had to stop thinking like that. Briar was a friend. But the way they were all so carefree, maybe even proud of what Orion had always been told was a disgusting abnormality...
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    “ hey, I’m Runa, I’m a waitress, and I’m stealing this cream puff.” Runa said as she levitated a cream puff, just for zain to snatch it with shadow magic,
    Roman tried to swipe it with nature magic, but then had it burnt by a very tired Lucien.
    Briar looked so done. “ great. You’ve just exposed magic to a human.” He announced to them all,rejoicing as they paled.
  • Orion watched in wonder. "What... what was that?" He asked, bewildered. He turned to Briar, an indescribable mix of fear and excitement on his face "Was that seriously magic? You can do magic?"
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    “ yes.” Liora said coming down the stairs. “ Runa is a faerie, lucien and Roman are dragons, Zain, Briar and my self are...harder to explain. “ she said.
    “ the cafe is magic, and briar should not have brought you here without explaining this.” She said sternly.

    Briar sighed “ I should have realised you morons can’t go a minute without magic.”
    “ would a demonstration to see what everyone can do, to help explain a bit better?” Briar asked. “ the reason the townsfolk hate me, that and I’m from the future, and so I act like I was raised in the future, not here.”
  • "This is the future?" Orion's voice went up an octave with every discovery. Granted, he probably should of realized he was in the future. It wasn't exactly the most subtle of things.

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