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    Magie Magic Hot Shot
    You’ve heard about mythical creatures having to hide who they are while going to a human school, but this is a story about mythical creatures who are celebrated for their abilities.

    C1’s your average nerd, teacher’s pet, geek, Potter lover, etc. Ask them any question, pop culture, geek culture, classes, etc. Chances are they’ll know. Head of the chess club, Mathletes, and first prize winner of science fairs. They are the go to person for passion and knowledge.
    C2’s a jock, excellent in every school sport and beloved by the whole school for the many wins they gained the team.
    C3’s a future politician, an actor, a musician, a comedian, and more. Performance is in their blood, as is being a great leader. Head of Student Council, Drama Club director, School Mascot, and head of the School Band. C3 is going places.

    When a terrible Earthquake hits the town, the trio and their families coincidentally move to the same school. Here, C2 is welcomed and loved with open arms, but C1 and C3 are left behind to be treated as misfits. They have rivals too. C4, C5, and C6 aren’t magical creatures, but they might as well be.

    C4 is a math genius with an incredible IQ. They are a computer geek and wonderful at being a conspiracy theorist. C4’s this school’s head of Mathletes, chess club, and a Potterclub. The winner of all Science Fairs but I wouldn’t say Teacher’s pet. (I’ll explain why later.) They aren’t giving up their title easily.
    C5 is a gifted gymnast and is a gifted athlete. They aren’t popular however (I’ll explain why later) but they are ruthless and merciless in everything they do. Since C2 threatens their title of best athlete, C2 will feel this wrath.
    Finally C6, the School mascot, the Student Body President, a solo singer for the school, and the stereo typical popular kid that is vicious when it comes to their reputation. C3 is much better with people than they are, so all cannons are armed and ready.

    Figured it out yet? The competition are a team of infamous criminals. C4, C5, and C6 are three sisters who’s parents are the mayor and chief of police. They are gifted, well trained, and unlike C1, C2, and C3, are best friends that work together. The newbies don’t stand a chance. However when they start falling in love with each other, maybe new titles can be arranged.

    (Note. Your love interest doesn’t have to be your counterpart. Its actually suggested that you pick someone other than your counterparts, but you can pick the counter part if you want.)
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Holy s--- I wanna join!

    Do we play our own love interest or could I pick a character and then for somebody else to play them?
    Im kinda wanting to play c3 and either have their love interest as C5 or c6?
    That is if I’m allowed to join.
    I find it usually works better if someone else plays the love interest ( and I’m willing and eager to play the love interest to the other persons other character if that’s the case) so there’s jntereaction from everyone.

    Other question do all the couples have to be either Mxf or Fxf or can there be an Mxm?
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    I wanna join but are C4-6 all girls? There’s nothing wrong with that, I’m just curious because you called them sisters.
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    Magie Magic Hot Shot
    You only have to be one of the C’s.

    Oh shoot, siblings, meant siblings.

    Puppet I think it’s better if you plan your love interest as we go along so you know the characters are compatible.
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Ok cool, can I have c3? Please.
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    Magie Magic Hot Shot
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    Magie Magic Hot Shot
    Species (C4-6 are human):
    Powers (C1-3):
    Bio (Optional):
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    I’m making a drama nerd boi

    Can I ahve a character sheet please?
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    How tf did I mids the character sheet I’m so sorry
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Name: Aaron smith,
    Age: 17(?)
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality bisexual, a preference toward men.
    Nationality: French German and Scottish.
    Species: he be a dragon.
    Appearance: Aaron has long white hair, tied up in a pony tail, like a high ponytail and it goes to the back of his knees, and magenta eyes. He has curly horns, foldable wings and a tail. He’s actually pretty small and frail looking for a dragon, so he’s made fun of by his brothers a lot,
    Clothes: he tends to wear very form fitting clothing. He sees it as a challenge,
    Personality! Aaron loves attention, since he doesn’t get a lot of it at home, even comments such as ‘ nice ass’ make him feel good. Aaron is a strong leader, but he secretly longs for someone to fill that role for him, so he can just take it easy and be taken care of for a change, Aaron is very flirty, and knows how to get what he wants from people.
    Likes: chocolate, pastries, sausages, attention, nail polish, the idea of being loved, being ‘ dominated’
    Dislikes: being forced to be the one in charge In a relationship, while he refuses to be pushed around he doesn’t like being expected to just pull all of the weight. Being late, waiting, loud noises, extremes of anything, change.
    Powers: general dragon stuff, his element is probably earth.
    Skills: performing
    Weaknesses: Aaron doesn’t have amazing control with his powers, he loses his cool it’s all for nothing and whatever’s hes done doesn’t matter, he’s easily to manipulate emotionally.
    Fears: being used, being left, being abandoned, chihuahuas.
    Desires: love, someone who cares about him.

    Bio: basically he runt of his nest, he’s usually overlooked and ignored by his parents, last to eat last for love.
    Other has autism
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    Magie Magic Hot Shot
    (Uh... sorry for not saying this, but it has to be a humanoid creature. So not dragons. Elves, vampires, angels, etc. Are preferable.)
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    So not something that has a human form but something that is typically just straight up humanoid?

    Cause I was going for a more dragon maid style dragon but if that’s against the rules I’ll switch to a faeire, so he still has his horns but no tail and his wings are much prettier, kind of dragonfly wings,
    His powers are typical of the fae and Autumn Is his season,
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    Magie Magic Hot Shot
    Ok that works.
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
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    Alright, I'm here. I'll be C4 if that's okay.

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