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Thread Topic: KittyKatrinaKat

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    She nods
  • Silently approachs the stronghold
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    Follows quickly
  • Pears in the direction of the people
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    She notices a couple of humans standing there
  • Do u smell anything else
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    She sniffs the air "something I do not recognize"
  • Describe it
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    "It's not human...smells a bit Smokey and a bit metally"
  • Stealthy walks past them
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    Stares into the distance and sniffs "smells almost like...blood..."
  • Is it getting stronger
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    She nods and falls backward "it really smells like blood...i can't handle that smell" She shakes her head "it triggers my change"
  • Move away from the smell
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    She shakes her head "smells too strong"

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