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    Uh yes?
  • Tell me some interests so I can base the plot off them
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    I usually roleplay supernatural things (vampires and everything too)

    I'm not sure what interests would help for a plot tho

    I like making my character catlike most of the time
  • In the land of nosgoth there is a war between humans and supernatural creatures that dates back centuries C1 is rescued by C2 the formal liutanit of the being that start This war

    (May I be C2)
    (Is this good)
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    Sure thanks
  • (Ok)
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    (You make character first so I don't copy)
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  • Name Raziel
    Age unknown
    Gender male
    Apperance blue skinned clawed hands and feet his torso has shrunk around his spine and ribcage he has a pair of shredded wings on his Back white glowing eyes a scarf like cloth covers the lower half of his face
    Powers he can shoot blasts of air from his hands
    Abilities super human strength he can use the reaver to up doors that only those possessing the reaver he can use the wings to glide can go into a different realms called the spectral realm
    Other he does not possess the vampires thirst for blood he consumes souls
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    Name: Catherine (Cat for short)

    Age: appears 16

    Gender: female

    Appearance: long black hair eyes that are normally green but change in what form she possesses rather pale a hybrid of a werewolf and a werecats can turn into either but only possesses her normal mind as a werecats

    Abilities can trigger her change but result is unknown when werecats will act like herself and communicate like a human when hybrid eyes will be orange and will act like an animal following Razials commands while wolf eyes are red and instinct take over and attacks almost everything

    Other: can be triggered by the smell of blood
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