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    Ok Prime!
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    It cant be Ariels children because we already got that.

    I love your card though Lucy!
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    Name: Kayla
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Nationality: Norwegian
    Species: Human
    Powers: None
    Weaknesses: Any a human would have
    Looks: White skin, long red hair, freckles
    Clothes (normal): Green t-shirt, blue jeans, hiking boots
    Clothes (school): blue and black long sleeve dress with the same boots and a reddish pink cape
    Clothes (fighting): Same as school without the cape
    Clothes (dressy): A long green dress with sunflowers on it
    Clothes (other): None
    Parents: Anna and Kristoff
    Personality: optimistic, energetic, extroverted, a loving heart, protective
    Skills: A bit of combat, improvised weaponry, animal riding, climbing
    Weapon of Choice: Rope and hook, shovel
    Fears: Isolation
    Bio: Unlike her cousin, Kayla is very energetic and friendly. Ever since she was born, she wanted to have fun and be best friends with everyone
    Likes: Friends, Sven, animals, snow, anything fun
    Dislikes: Boredom, long stories, sitting still, waiting
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    Mac1014 Advanced
    May I Join with a daughter of Rapunzel and Eugene?
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    Mac1014 Advanced
    Name:Recata Rider
    Powers:Healing/Controlling Flowers( Because the flower thing)/Theivery.
    Weaknesses:Her hair getting cut (Can damage her abilities ) , and her curiousity.
    Looks:Long LONG LONG hair to the small of her back in braid. Is black at the top-fades to dark brown, and then finally blonde. She is very very pretty.,emerald eyes,and medium skin. Good Build . FRECKLES SSSSSSSSS.
    Clothes (normal):Blue Jeans, and various t-shirts with flowers on them
    Clothes (school): (what they would wear in their own Disney movie) A dress(Casual like) very similar to her mothers, except for emerald and blue.No shoes, and a sun/moon necklace(Sun-Mom Moon-Ddad)
    Clothes (fighting):Ripped Blue Jeans, tank top(Emerald/black/navy blue) combat boots.
    Clothes (dressy):A dress like her school one except more formal
    Clothes (other): (optional) Sleep-White Gown Swim- Dark blue bikini
    Parents:Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherebrt/Flynn Rider
    Skills:Thievery/Travel/Being a leader/Caring for children.
    Weapon of Choice:Two long daggers
    Fears:Children of her moms adoptive mother, and her hair being cut
    Bio:Recata was born 2 years after the Happily Ever After wedding . A beautiful baby girl. She took after both parents. Her father had to pay for his crimes in work in the castle, though married to the queen. This is when he wouldl tell her stories. This intrigued her. She loved it and it was her favorite part of the day during her childhood. As she grew up she became mmore like her father and less like her mother. When he father was released from work,her mother took her under her wing, and she became a bit like her as well. She is now attending her first year of highscool.
    Likes:Flowers,Chamelons/Sunlight/Moonlight/Traveling/Running/Sneaking Out/Thievery.
    Dislikes:Fights/HAIRCUTS/ Rudeness.
    Other: Has pet Chamelon
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    Lucy shytime Senior
    [Little Mermaid]
    Name: Serana
    Age: 17 years old
    Gender: Feminine
    Sexuality: Straight
    Nationality: English
    Specious: Half Human-Half Octopus
    Powers: With her dead mother having once been a witch, Serana learned to be one powerful witch, though her witchcraft of course had boundaries. Serana can transform into a human with her magic, and tends to remain human more often than half-octopus.
    Weaknesses: Serana cannot use her witchcraft as powerful as when shes half-octopus.



    Blue Bikini Top. (Most likely in half-octopus form)

    Parents: Ursula and an unnamed human.
    Serana was stubborn and power hungry, much like her mother. She became the best for her enhanced abilities but, has fallen into an anxiety state. Judged for her mothers deeds, Serana was unable to communicate with for people would turn away. Her anxiety has strengthened to where shell have a panic attack. Panic attacks were often and regular for Serana but, shes rather used to them. Despite having anxiety, she was an average teen.
    Weapon of Choice:
    Her witchcraft
    Having been a newborn just as her mother died, stabbed through her stomach by a prince she no longer remembers the name to, was taken ny wonderful sailors. Vince and Brad, the two sailors took care of Serana. They gave her treats from time to time, and dolls when they could. Though, once learning of her witchcraft once turning a fish into an creature that remained stuck to their deck, tossed the girl overboard.

    In her half-octopus form, she was an orphan in the deep seas. Hiding from cave to cave, voyaging through the seas she came across a woman nearing her. It was her supposed aunt, the failure, Morgana who took care of her until she was of age to adventure on her own. Till this day, Serana enjoys coming by ships and exploring the ocean.
    Likes: The Sea, Adventuring, Strength
    Dislikes: Weakness, Land, Commitment

    This took much longer than I would've hoped for...
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    Prime, once you post your character we can start!
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    I already did, you didn't see it?
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    Oops. Sorry. LOL.

    Ok. We can start! Who wants to?
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    No it.
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    I can I guess
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    Ok! Only if you want to.
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