Race You to The Afterlife

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Thread Topic: Race You to The Afterlife

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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Ah ok. The for stage he has light colored kimonos)
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    Magie Magic Advanced
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    Magie Magic Advanced
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    Magie Magic Advanced
    I guess I'll make my card.
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    dark shadow 99 Advanced
    Name: Luke
    Gender: male
    Sexuality: straight
    Nationality: british
    Appearance:blue eyes, white hair, lynx ears
    Regular clothes: blue jean shorts and blue shirt with Nike shoes
    Battle clothes: red shirt and camo shorts with leather boots
    Clothes on set: same as regular but with the leather boots
    Dress clothes: black tux
    Stage clothes: camo, red or blue outfit
    Powers: but cannot generate a miniature black hole
    Skills: can sense nearby objects whether it's coming at him or not
    Weapon of choice: bow and arrow
    Weakness: can't concentrate with to much noise
    Personality: calm and collective, rarely mad (almost never) but when he is who mad him mad is doomed
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    dark shadow 99 Advanced
    Let me know of I left anything or if he's to OP (I often do that by mistake)
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    Magie Magic Advanced
    Name: Nattily
    Age: 15
    Gender: girl
    Sexuality: bi
    Nationality: British
    Regular Clothes: grey shorts and pastel coloured t-shirts.
    Battle Clothes: black leggings, black tank top, black boots, and a gold head band.
    Clothes on set: Normally plain dresses.
    Pajamas: a blue night gown with cats on it.
    Dress Clothes: a blue dress with a sparkly, puffy, knee length skirt and a long sleeved top. She wears violet leggings, black dress shoes, and a red bow in her hair.
    Stage Clothes: Pastel mini skirts over black leggings. With grey, white, or black v-neck top and a cat ear head band. She wears a spiked collar and black tap shoes. She also carries a whip and wears sharp fake nails.
    Powers: can control light. This gives her super speed, bending light, changing the light of a room, turning invisible, etc.
    Skills: Good at gymnastics, martial arts, and driving vehicles.
    Weapon of Choice: a whip and dart gun.
    Weaknesses: Needs to feed on solar energy. If she doesn't get enough solar energy she won't die but she'll be very weak.
    Personality: quiet, open, thoughtful, constantly in her own head, obsessed with cats, cuddly, dreamer, positive, minds her own business.
    Other: Has two cats. A white cat and an orange and white cat. The white cat is Snow and the orange one is Pumpkin.
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    Magie Magic Advanced
    Nice! You did fine Shadow.
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    Magie Magic Advanced
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    Mac1014 Advanced
    I'm at school currently. When I get home I'll make my card !
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    Magie Magic Advanced

    Anyone else interested to join meanwhile?
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    dark shadow 99 Advanced
    Imma bump this
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    Mac1014 Advanced
    Name:Megan Miles
    Appearance:She has long silky brown hair,and pretty grey eyes . Freckles as well. Tall for her age. Long legs.
    Regular Clothes:Jeans,and a sweater with converse
    Battle Clothes:Black Leggings,white t-shirt.
    Clothes on set:Same as regular
    Pajamas:Shorts and t-shirt
    Dress Clothes:A long grey dress,owl necklace.
    Stage Clothes:Quiet.Calm.
    Powers:Invisibility.((If not allowed tell me. ))
    Skills:Being quiet,sneaky,reading emotions,controlling her emotions
    Weapon of Choice:Bow and Arrow or long daggers.
    Weaknesses:She is so quiet,people barely notice her.
    Other: None
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    Magie Magic Advanced
    (Invisibility is okay. But you'll be at a disadvantage. They have one unique power. However the power can have multiple advantages. Check my power for an example.)
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    Mac1014 Advanced
    ((Oh, I see. She can control mental things. So , reading minds,invisibility,and controlling others emotions . ))

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