Cats of the Clans, Gather Here

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Thread Topic: Cats of the Clans, Gather Here

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    LuckyFirefly Novice
    This isn't a role play, it's a get-to-know-you thing. Just fill out the skeleton to share a little inside info on the warriors of your choice. This is for created characters, not actual warrior cats from the books.

    Fur Markings:
    Best Friend:
    Worst Enemy:
    Life as Kit:
    Life as Apprentice:
    Life as Warrior/Med Cat:
    Life as Leader/Deputy:

    Just full out all that actually apply. :)
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    Rave098 Junior
    Name: Nettlestar
    Clan: Cavernclan
    Rank: Leader
    Gender: Female
    Fur: Pure black
    Eyes: Bright green with darker flecks
    Kits: Blizzardkit, Riverpaw, Ivypaw
    Best Friend: Ravenmoon
    Worst Enemy: Patchstar
    Life as Kit: She was a kittypet until she was 5 moons old, then was attacked by a certain Oakstripe, and joined the clan.
    Life as Apprentice: She used to attack the other cats who teased her about being a former kittypet until she was basically told to get hold of her temper or beat it.
    Life as Warrior/Med Cat: She finally started to control her temper, and the teasing finally stopped.
    Life as Leader/Deputy: No cat wanted her as deputy since she had a violent history. They all begged the former leader to make someone else leader, but he held firm. When she finally became leader, most cats decided to not listen to her, which led to them being attacked by Jayclan.
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    OmegaWolf9 Junior
    (Can't choose which one of my 1001 cats I love all my charries XD)
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    OmegaWolf9 Junior
    (Request one!)
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    Rave098 Junior
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    LuckyFirefly Novice
    This is a cat from one of my old clans. :3

    Name: Sorrelpelt
    Clan: Blazeclan
    Rank: Warrior
    Fur: White
    Fur Markings: Orangey-brown ear tips, tail tip, and paws, with a pale red spot on her back
    Eyes: Yellowish-green
    Mate: Antclaw
    Mentor: Snowfall
    Kits: (in order of birth) Pinetail, Thornpaw, Clearpaw
    Best Friend: her sister, Grayfeather
    Worst enemy: Her father, Stripestar, leader of Darkclan
    Life as Kit: Playful and carefree, she loved playing with her sisters, Graykit and Tipplekit
    Life as Apprentice: After witnessing Ripplepaw's murder by Stripestar, she realized how evil he was and ran away to Blazeclan with Graypaw
    Life as Warrior: She trained hard, working late into the night. She didn't wan to look for love, but Antclaw was as hard working as she, and they eventually started a family. They had only one kit at first, Pinekit, who became Pinetail. They eventually had two other kits, Thornkit and Clearkit, who are now apprentices.
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    OmegaWolf9 Junior

    Name: Leaffrost
    Clan: Cavernclan
    Rank: Queen
    Gender: female (male queens don't exist XD Or do they O.O)
    Fur: Snowy whiye
    Fur Markings: none
    Eyes: Blue
    Mate: Ravenmoon
    Mentor: Darkpelt
    Kits: Graysight, Nightkit, Dawnkit, Patchkit, Shinekit, Dawnkit
    Best Friend: She has many good friends
    Worst Enemy: none
    Life as Kit: She was very shy as a kit, and always got cheered up by Ravenkit
    Life as Apprentice: She fell in love with Ravenpaw, though she thought he didn't like her back. She thought Darkpelt was scary at first but he turned out really nice.
    Life as Warrior/Med Cat: She never really liked being a warrior, though medicine cat didn't seem too good either. Thinking about leaving the clan, she decided to stay when Ravenmoon confessed his love, and they became mates.
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    LuckyFirefly Novice
    Aw, so sweet!
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    OmegaWolf9 Junior
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    LuckyFirefly Novice
    Name: Darksong
    Clan: Cavernclan
    Rank: Queen (deceased)
    Gender: She cat
    Fur: Rich cocoa brown, with honey-brown belly fur
    Fur Markings: Brown-black tabby stripes and golden paws
    Eyes: Unusual deep indigo-purple
    Mate: Stormclaw, Lionclaw
    Mentor: Rubyflight
    Best Friend: Finchbreeze
    Kits: Graypounce, Foxfur, Windpaw, Riverkit, Sandkit, Heatherkit.
    Worst Enemy: Shrewpelt, the Jayclan warrior who killed Riverkit
    Life as Kit: She was shy and sweet as a kit, although very lonely
    Life as Apprentice: She met Finchpaw and became fast friends with the fiery she cat. She also got closer to Stormpaw.
    Life as Warrior/Queen: Stormclaw became her mate and had four kits with her. He was killed by dogs, though. In a battle with Jayclan, her son was killed, and her sadness distracted her for a while. Lionclaw and Finchbreeze were able to cheer her up, and she soon had two kits with Lionclaw. When Hail the rogue attacked, she was killed when he clawed her neck.
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    Rave098 Junior
    Name: Oakstripe
    Clan: Cavernclan
    Rank: Elder
    Gender: Male
    Fur: Brown
    Fur Markings: He has white paws, chest, and tail tip. He also has an Oak-colored stripe running down his back, giving him his name.
    Eyes: Blue
    Mate: Redfur
    Kits: Riverpaw, Ivypaw, and Blizzardkit
    Best Friend: Redfur
    Worst Enemy: Pebbles
    Life as Kit: He was born in Jayclan, but hated the clan. He wanted to be a good cat, which was impossible in Jayclan. The night before he left, His mother told him a secret; that some of his ancestors where Tigestar and Bramblestar of Legend.
    Life as Apprentice: He ran off to Cavernclan, where he was made an apprentice. He was a good learner, and soon was a warrior.
    Life as Warrior/Med Cat: He was made a warrior and on his first solo patrol as a warrior, he ran across a lost kittypet. He attacked, wanting to protect his home. He got carried away, though, and the kittypet fainted. Knowing Softcloud could save her, he took the kittypet back to his clan; her name was Nettle. Nettle was soon Nettlewish, and the 2 became mates. Nettlewish became Nettlestar, and Gave Oakstripe Graypaw as an apprentice. After a while, a former clan cat named Storm attacked him, and blinded him, making him go live with the elders.
    Life as Elder: Oakstripe became depressed, and soon was not mates with Nettlestar anymore. He then ran away, but 2 of his kits came to bring him back. There was a fight, and a 5 moon old kit almost killed his father. Later, Oakstripe was brought back, and fell in love with Redfur.
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    OmegaWolf9 Junior
    (You may all still request :3)
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    Rave098 Junior
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    LuckyFirefly Novice
    Thunderclaw and Whitefang!)
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    Rave098 Junior
    (Yeah, Thunderclaw!)

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