Cats of the Clans, Gather Here

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Thread Topic: Cats of the Clans, Gather Here

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    LuckyFirefly Junior

    Name: Shock
    Clan: None
    Rank: Loner
    Gender: Male
    Fur: Pale Yellow
    Fur Markings: Darker Paws
    Eyes: Electric Yellow
    Parents: Misty and Cloudy
    Siblings: Ember and Jewel
    Best Friend: Ember
    Worst Enemy: Crowfrost and Thunderclaw, the cats who attacked them in an attempt to rescue Jewel from the loners.
    Life as Kit: Shock was Misty and Cloudy's first born, and their only son. While he was young, his mother was often away hunting down her family, and that left Cloudy to train him. Under his father's teachings, Shock became a skilled fighter, and a quick reactor. Being a loner meant he had to be ready for anything.
    Apprentice: When Shock was a bit older, his parents gave birth to Ember, his younger sister. At first, he didn't want anything to do with "that weak little she-kit", but once Ember showed she could fight, he accepted her, and the two are now "partners in crime".
    Full-Grown: Shock and Ember were now a team of sorts, and their mother would often send them to take care of her dirty work. However, this stopped when Misty started to become depressed. Cloudy explained to the two that she missed being a kit-mother, and couldn't seem to wait another moon. This led to the discovery of Misty's sister, Finchbreeze, and an attack on Cavernclan. Shock battled Oakstripe and Crowfrost, while Ember fought Ivypelt. Cloudy attacked Nettlestar, his own sister, and Misty stole Lightkit from the nursery, much to the dismay of her parents, Snowflake and Airwing. They escaped the battle with a young Lightkit and Misty taught her that she was her mother, and that her name was Jewel. The loner family now had a third kit. They lived peacefully in the forest, until a patrol tracked down their home and attacked. The cats that came were Thunderclaw, Skypaw, Crowfrost, Badgerclaw, and Lionstripe. Shock gave Crowfrost a nasty scar on her chest, and Lionstripe was mistakenly murdered by Misty. The loners began to recover when the patrol retreated, and are now raising Jewel to be one of them...
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    LuckyFirefly Junior

    It's Splashfoot before she turned evil!

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