Cats of the Clans, Gather Here

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Thread Topic: Cats of the Clans, Gather Here

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    Rave098 Junior
    Name: Blizzardkit
    Clan: Cavernclan, Rouge, Cavernclan
    Rank: Kit
    Gender: Male
    Fur: Lighter brown
    Fur Markings: Dark brown tabby stripes.
    Eyes: Green, like his mom's.
    Parents: Nettlestar and Oakstripe
    Mentor: So-to-be Finchbreeze
    Best Friend: Ivypaw
    Worst Enemy: The world
    Life as Kit: He had a bad kithood. He was born with the name Littlekit, after a apprentice who had died during a Jayclan attack. HE was later kitnapped by a group of rouges, who gave him the name Blizzard. They forced him to fight his sister, where a dark and sinister side of him came to light. He believed his sister was a horrible cat, who teased him for no reason. He fought with claws out, and soon had her down. He was then sent by the rouges to spy on his clan. The other kit the rouges had caught were freed a moment later, and he seemed to be a regular kit for a bit. Then his temper broke, and he fought his brother, who ripped off half of his left ear. He fled, hoping to escape the clan's wrath. But Finchbreeze, Windpaw, and Nettlestar caught up to him, and Finchbreeze attacked him. She pinned him down, and then started to interrogate him on where the rouges were. He refused, then started to make fun of Finchbreeze. She snapped, and ripped off the rest of his left ear. This torn the thingamabob in his ear, messing up the whatchamacallit, and so on. He went unconscious, then woke up in the rouge camp. He then figured out he was now half deaf, and would have several scars for the rest of his life. That night, he was given a dream from Starclan, and decided to go back to the clan for real. He talks to his mom, who basically tells him he can come back. He makes up with his brother, who, earlier, had basically promised to kill him. He doesn't, because Finchbreeze basically almost killed him. The 2 became friends, then went out to fetch their blind dad. Oakstripe knocked Blizzardkit out, basically causing him to see birds everywhere when he finally woke up. Later, the rouges attacked the clan. Blizzradkit managed to separate the leader from his group, and attacked him. He was soon overpowered, and was tortured, then left half-dead. He is now better, slightly healed, and is now freaking out about getting Finchbreeze as his mentor.
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    LuckyFirefly Novice
    Name: Clearpaw
    Clan: Cavernclan
    Rank: Apprentice
    Gender: Female
    Fur: Pale cream colored
    Fur Markings: a darker cream-colored spiral pattern that covers one eye
    Eyes: Dark green, with black and gold speckles
    Mate: None
    Mentor: Fireflight
    Best Friend: Riverpaw
    Worst Enemy: Graydoom, Fireflight's old mate, who was like two of Thunderclaw
    Kits: None! O.O
    Life as Kit: Her mother Sorreltail died of greencough shortly after Blazeclan disbanded. Clearkit wandered around and was taken in by Fireflight.
    Life as Apprentice: Clearpaw is helpful sometimes, but is usually occupied with her training. She has a small crush on Breezelight.
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    LuckyFirefly Novice
    Name: Gullfeather
    Clan: Soulclan to Cavernclan
    Rank: Warrior
    Gender: Female
    Fur: White
    Fur Markings: black spots, with a small scar under her left eye
    Eyes: piercing yellow
    Mate: Shadowpelt
    Mentor: Dimpelt
    Kits: Stormkit, Nightkit, Jaggedkit
    Life as Kit: She was the healthiest and strongest in her litter, until her older brother opened his eyes and stole the attention. Gullkit didn't feel spiteful, only ashamed, as if she had let someone down.
    Apprentice: Gullpaw was a quick thinker and a fast learner, soon becoming a warrior.
    Warrior: Soulclan was destroyed by a flood, drowning nearly every cat, including her leader, mate, and best friend.
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    OmegaWolf9 Junior
    (I'm gonna do Thunderclaw and Whitefang. Graysight: What the!? Me: sorry!!!)

    Name: Thunderclaw
    Clan: Cavernclan
    Rank: Warrior
    Gender: male
    Fur: Dark brown
    Fur Markings: White belly and black stripes
    Eyes: yellow
    Mate: Spottedpounce
    Mentor: Streamleap
    Kits: unborn
    Best Friend: Spottedpounce and his unborn kits
    Worst Enemy: all cats besides Spottedpounce and his kits XD
    Life as Kit: Thunderkit was already a bully as a kit.
    Life as Apprentice: a darker side of him came up and he was very agressive, ready to kill anyone.
    Life as Warrior/Med Cat: He was calmer, but still mean. Always first in line to critisize others. This also causes trouble, because he gets punished for his deeds a lot. One day a she-cat called Spottedpounce asked to share fresh-kill. First rejecting the offer, they had a sort of play-fight caused by the she-cat. Impressed by her strength, he sat down and ate with her. He asked Ravenmoon to be with her in patrols and hunting patrols more, so that's what he did. Not long after the two fell in love, and Spottedpounce got pregnant of his kits. Now he and his mate are the only ones looking forward to the tiny Thunderclaw's...
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    OmegaWolf9 Junior
    Name: Whitefang
    Clan: Cavernclan (Streamclan too but whatever :p)
    Rank: warrior
    Gender: male
    Fur: White
    Fur Markings: none
    Eyes: yellow
    Mate: none, but he loves Sweetpaw
    Mentor: Sparrowfeather
    Kits: none
    Best Friend: Sweetpaw
    Worst Enemy: Thunderclaw
    Life as Kit: Whitekit was a bit shy as a kit, and kind of an outcast.
    Life as Apprentice: Whitepaw was stronger and more confident. Sparrowfeather was proud of him, And said he was an excellent apprentice. The tom was a senior at the time, and Whitepaw was the first one to tell he was planning on retiring, but he wanted to finish Whitepaw's training, so Whitepaw felt like he was an obstacle in Sparrowfeather's path.
    Life as Warrior/Med Cat: Whitefang was relieved, and he also visits his mentor a lot. He spent his first few moons training young Pouncepaw, now Pounceflame. Short after, a kittypet named Lacey walked into camp. He had a crush at first, and now he's really in love. He suggested her name and mentor too... (*wink* you know who the mentor is!)
  • Silvergirl Newbie
    Hehe poor Graysight.)

    Name: Snakeheart
    Clan: Shadowclan to loner
    Rank: Warrior to loner
    Gender: Male
    Fur: reddish brown
    Fur Markings: brown stripes
    Eyes: green and snake like
    Mate: None, but he was once mates with Breezepelt
    Mentor: Blacksoul
    Kits: Sharpkit and Darkkit
    Best Friend: Darksoul
    Worst Enemy: Lightstar
    Kit: Snakekit always preferred to be alone, although he secretly admired Breezekit
    Apprentice: Snakepaw was an overly violent fighter, and he nearly killed Spotpaw. Breezepaw was the only cat to understand his reasons.
    Warrior: Later in life, Snakeheart did kill Spotfoot, and he was banished shortly after Breezepelt gave birth to his kits. Traveling as a loner made him even more violent and twisted, slightly insane.
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    wolf_heart Junior
    name: Shadowpelt (dead)
    clan: soulclan
    rank: warrior
    gender: male
    fur: deep black with dark grey strands hear and there.
    fur markings: none
    eyes: silvery blue
    mate: Gullfeather
    mentor: stonetail
    kits: jaggedkit, nightkit, stormkit
    best friend: pinestar
    worst enemy: stonepath
    life as a kit: He was always the smallest and underestimated until he grew up very strong.
    life as apprentice: Very eager to learn and playful, always pretending he was a great leader like the one they had, Rockstar
    warrior: always admired gullfeather, until they became mates. He never gave up an opportunity to fight. was killed when the flood destroyed soulclan.
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    LuckyFirefly Junior
    Name: Misty
    Gender: Female
    Clan: None
    Rank: Loner
    Fur: White with silver patches and black patches
    Eyes: icy blue
    Mate: Cloudy
    Mentor: None
    Kits: Ember, Shock, Jewel (stolen)
    Best Friend: Cloudy
    Worst Enemy: Her sister Finchbreeze
    Kit: She was happy living a kittypet life, the smaller of the two kits.
    Apprentice: She was forced out when Finchbreeze left, she always hated her family for leaving her.
    Adult: She survived in the forest, and is determined to kill her sister, or her clan.
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    OmegaWolf9 Junior
    (Request a cat! (One i've recently played as please))
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    LuckyFirefly Junior
    Hmm...Did you do Badgerclaw? Or maybe Spottedpounce?)
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    OmegaWolf9 Junior
    (How about Lionstripe? :p)
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    LuckyFirefly Junior
    Name: Sandstone
    Clan: Cavernclan
    Rank: Warrior
    Gender: Female
    Fur: Pale golden, with barley visible darker gold tabby stripes
    Eyes: golden, but they look sad and wise, like an older cat
    Mate: Note yet
    Kits: None
    Mentor: Wavestream
    Parents: Darksong and Lionclaw
    Best Friend: Yellowgaze and Wavestream
    Worst Enemy: Fire
    Kit: Her mother Darksong was killed shortly after her birth, and she never really knew her. Finchbreeze adopted her and her sister. She loved talking to Wavepaw.
    Apprentice: Sandpaw was devastated when the forest fire killed her sister. She went into a short period of depression, not speaking or eating. Finchbreeze was able to cheer her up. Wavestream was her mentor.
    Warrior: Sandstone just became a warrior, and is very proud about it.
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    LuckyFirefly Junior
    Sure! Lionstripe would be great!)
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    LuckyFirefly Junior
    Name: Graystorm
    Clan: Woodclan
    Rank: Deputy
    Gender: Male
    Fur: All light gray
    Eyes: dark brown
    Mate: Longfur
    Kits: Owlkit
    Kit: He was shy, and didn't make many friends
    Apprentice: He became more outgoing, and was a great fighter.
    Warrior: When Thornstar died, Brightstar chose Graystorm to be the new deputy.
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    OmegaWolf9 Junior
    Name: Lionstripe
    Clan: Cavernclan
    Rank: senior warrior, Starclan cat
    Gender: male
    Fur: Pale ginger
    Fur Markings: tabby stripes
    Eyes: gold
    Mate: Patchedjaw
    Mentor: Leopardspot
    Kits: Leaffrost
    Best Friend: Leopardspot
    Worst Enemy: Goldbird, Jayclan she-cat who killed Patchedjaw in a battle.
    Life as Kit: Lionstripe was the most wise and calm of the kits, and was eager to learn more about clan life.
    Life as Apprentice: He was happy and liked his mentor a lot. He had an eye on Patchedpaw too...
    Life as Warrior/Med Cat: He decided to ask Patchedpaw, now Patchedjaw to be his mate, and she accepted. Her pregnancy wasn't as hard as she expected, as it turned out to only be one kit. Neverless, he was proud, and spent a lot of time with his family. He and Leopardspot always stayed good friends. In a battle with jayclan, Goldbird killed Patchedjaw and claimed it to be an accident, but Lionstripe saw how she had killed her, and it was no accident. After Lightkit was stolen, he was a senior warrior and was sent to retrieve her. But he was old and stood no chance against the young, strong she-cat.

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