Cats of the Clans, Gather Here

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Thread Topic: Cats of the Clans, Gather Here

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    LuckyFirefly Junior
    Aw, poor Lionstripe. Good story!)
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    OmegaWolf9 Junior
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    LuckyFirefly Junior
    Me as a warrior!)

    Name: Nightwing
    Clan: Moonclan
    Rank: Warrior
    Gender: Female
    Fur: White, with black patches on her back that look like wings, light gray paws
    Eyes: pale green, with gray and blue-gray flecks
    Parents: Roseheart and Eagleclaw
    Siblings: Her brothers, Blackstorm and Hawkpaw
    Mate: None
    Kits: None
    Best Friend: Sparktail
    Worst Enemy: Goldstep, the deputy
    Kit, apprentice and warrior would take too long. :P)
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    LuckyFirefly Junior
    Oh, I forgot!)

    Apprentice: Brookpaw
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    LuckyFirefly Junior
    Name: Willowkit
    Clan: Cavernclan
    Rank: Kit
    Gender: Female
    Fur: white, with one blue-gray paw
    Eyes: soft green
    Parents: Sweetheart and Whitefang
    Best Friends: Siblings
    Worst Enemy: None, yet
    Life as Kit: She was born. XP
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    OmegaWolf9 Junior
    I love their Kits so much i just do!)
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    LuckyFirefly Junior
    Me too!)

    Name: Luckystar
    Clan: Newyorkclan
    Rank: Leader
    Gender: FEMALE!
    Fur: Dark brown, with white muzzle and paws
    Eyes: pale green, with darker green flecks
    Best Friends: Peterclaw, Ravenstar and Suzannestar
    Worst Enemy: Smithpelt (math teacher!)
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    OmegaWolf9 Junior
    (lol. i hate math but i have the best teacher ever there)
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    Rave098 Junior
    Name: Ravenstar
    Clan: Kentuckyclan
    Rank: Leader
    Gender: FEMALE!
    Fur: Brown with black streaks,
    Eyes: Brown
    Best Friends: Oliviapelt, Luckystar and Suzannestar
    Worst Enemy: Gabbertnose (Social Studies/Math teacher!)
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    OmegaWolf9 Junior
    Name: Suannestar
    clan: Hollandclan, Europeclan.
    rank: leader
    gender: female
    fur: Dark brown
    eyes: dark brown :I (why wasn't i born with blue eyes )
    best friends: Lunaclaw, Jildauleaf, , Luckystar, Ravenstar, finchy.
    worst enemy: Bullystar (any bully anywhere)
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    wolf_heart Junior
    Name:WolfHeart (see what I did there? Yeah. :p)
    Gender: female
    Rank: warrior
    Fur: puffy long and golden brown
    Eyes: green with hints of brown
    Best friend: *has a bunch of close friends lelele*
    Mate: Basketballclaw (xP)
    Kits: none
    Worst enemy: JerkStar
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    Omega_Wolf Novice
    Name: Hannahstar
    Clan: GeorgiaClan (xp i hate georgia!!!!! DX)
    Rank: leader
    Gender: Female
    Fur: reddish brown with blond streaks and darker hair under it
    eyes: Pale blue with silver flecks and a bit of green around the edges with a dark ring around it (oooh I have wolf eyes!!!! :D)
    Best friend: Omegy, Finchy, Lucky, Raven, Wolfie, ME, Leopardheart (mah bff), Fireblaze (Justin xp), Forestheart (Chloe, another bff), Flarestar (my OTHER bff) and more!
    mate: er...... ??? People, I AM NOT MARRIED< IM IN MIDDLE SCHOOL CX
    kits: none
    Worst Enemy: Masonstar (some f---ing idiot named Mason XC)
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    Omega_Wolf Novice
    oh gosh I am posting at like 2 in the morning xp im gonna get off the computer now XC
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    Rave098 Junior
    Name: Lightkit/Jewel
    Clan: Cavernclan, loner
    Rank: kit/loner
    Gender: Female
    Fur: White
    Fur Markings: None
    Eyes: Blue
    Parents: Snowflake and Airwing, Misty (Foster) and Cloudy (Foster)
    Best Friend: Misty
    Worst Enemy: None really
    Life as Kit: She was born, then stolen.
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    OmegaWolf9 Experienced
    Another bump.

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