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Thread Topic: Post your religion!

  • tongue Advanced
    It doesn't matter. There are still sickos out there who raise their children in cults like Children of God or that crazy LDS sect in Texas. I feel bad for Christian Scientist kids too. If they should get sick or their parents should get sick, their religion doesn't allow them to accept medicine. So a Christian Scientist kid could easily see one of his parents die needlessly from cancer, or they'll die needlessly from cancer themselves.
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    Brittonio34 Junior
    Honestly, how much of our population does that affect?
  • i dnt no wat i am bt i dnt biliv in gd
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    heavy heart Newbie
    brittonio, does it matter how much it affects? Are you saying that a certain fraction, no matter how minute of religious oppression and senseless death is deemed alright?

    The fact is that religious extremists will always exist as long as there is a religion for them to hide behind. People like you brittonio, no matter how much you try to distance yourself from them, are still providing a safe haven for sickos who use religion as an excuse.
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    Hikaru Katsu Advanced
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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    If one cannot fully determine what is right and wrong than what's to say the extremists are either? In the end we all have a conscious, it's whether or not we choose to ignore it.
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    Demontheangel Novice
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    No religion

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