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    Jeeshan Expert
    He didnt promote pedophilia?
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    Faceless Knight Advanced
    He essentially said it's fine as long as they've hit puberty
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    Jeeshan Expert
    However you interpret depends on your mindset. :)
    See ya

    And TCS, dont feel obliged to reply to me. I agree w your not promoting child marriage thing.
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    Faceless Knight Advanced
    that statement confuses me
  • Le1F Advanced
    jshn is sticking up 4 his fellow muslim
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    Kish Expert
    I agree with Mod The Coldest Sun
    Religious topics can be very personal and there will always be two sides to the argument.
    The best advice I can give is to avoid controversial topics such as "Do you believe God exists" or one of the posts in this very thread.
    Same goes with when arguing about a controversial topic, please refrain from cussing and being overly aggressive
  • macoooo Advanced
    thank's brothers for sharing

    my dear brothers

    don't confuse yourself

    Marriage in early age
    This is normal in past

    but now
    The mental and physical maturity of the man and the woman
    Marriage, something essential in life
    Is not based on material interest
    Love, compassion and choice of the parties to each other

    Muslim man
    Falls in love
    This is perfectly normal
    Difference here between the Muslim and non-Muslim
    Proper guidance of love as part of a legitimate (Marriage)
    With his sweetheart has everything in this world

    Away from the distractions and betrayal, adultery, illegitimate children
    allah guide you to Islam

    3/3 !

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