wats d difference to be a catholic and to be a christian

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Thread Topic: wats d difference to be a catholic and to be a christian

  • bellagirl Newbie
    really is there any difference?
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    unstopablepanda3 Experienced
    catholisism is a religion inside of Christianity.
  • bellagirl Newbie
    ok but catholics dn't believe wat the other christians believe(just being curious)
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    meep da first Senior
    I believe the difference is that Catholics believe in the Virgin Mary.
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    rvelez Hot Shot
    Yeah, they include Mary aka the Guadalupe.
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    StuckonStupid Advanced
    You got it wrong. It's "Christians don't believe some things Catholics do". Not the other way around because Catholics are Christians but not all Christians are Catholic. I would say that Catholics are more open to everything (like the Virgin Mary) and Christians aren't.
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    imafancyjag Novice
    Yes they are I have a lot of catholic friends which is bad for me cause I don't believe in god so we have fights over that
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    unstopablepanda3 Experienced
    Not all christian are catholic there are other christian religions such as Evangelical, Pentecostal, and orthodox.
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    Countrygirlz Novice
    I'm Pentecostal, have been most of my life. It's not that Christians don't believe in Catholics or vise versa. It's a fact of We don't live the same way. Even though they are very similar the smallest details are so far in Campare and contrast. I mean I could explain everything but that's a lot of typing lol
  • Christians and Catholics are the same thing.
    Protestant Christianity, Orthodox Christianity, and Catholicism (Catholic Christianity) are not the same things. They are all different.
    I'm not familiar with the differences between Orthodox beliefs and Catholic beliefs (I believe there are other "types" of Christianity too, and you may add on to my post if you'd like).

    However, Protestants believe that salvation is through God's grace only (meaning you only must accept Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord). Catholics believe that you must accept Christ AND do good works (the Sacraments, which includes things such as Baptism, Communion, and Confession).

    Protestants have varying beliefs on these Sacraments (some believe you must be baptized, some take Communion, others believe in simply "having faith in" Jesus). Most Protestants are Trinitarian (affirm the Trinity/God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). They do not attend "Mass" (however some may choose to include this aspect, depends on the particular beliefs of the group). Protestants do not place any Biblical figure (in particular I'm talking about the Virgin Mary and angels, such as Micheal the Archangel), or any "saint" in a place of power that carries out a particular faction of duty or job (Protestants go directly to God in prayer and not intermediates), this is incorrectly believed to be idol worship and therefore breaking the commands of the Father.

    Catholics affirm the Trinity, must take many of the Sacraments (what level you are at in the Church determines the extra Sacraments you must complete, but every confirmed Catholic does the basic ones). Catholics believe that you must go to intermediates to go to God, such as the Virgin Mary (Mother of God). There are many recited prayers and ritualistic practices (which many Protestants despise) that must be completed.

    The only true similarity is that all accept Jesus Christ as the path to salvation.

    Hopefully this was helpful.
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    Bonnie Fan Novice
    Catholics believe in the Virgin Mary AKA Guadeloupe in Spanish its either Guadeloupe or Virgen Maria

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