Things You Probably Didn't know about me.

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Thread Topic: Things You Probably Didn't know about me.

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    dragon Experienced
    Vik:The part I said I hate the boys in my country?I mean the guys who I know in real life.xD
    Or that part:"my only real friend's Lily and the others aren't my true friends"?Well I meant the girls who I talk to them at school :3
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    Skyler Potter Junior
    22. I can ride a unicycle.
    23. I have been riding since 2nd grade.
    24. Even though my eyes are CLEARLY GREEN, everyone thinks they're brown...-_-
    25. I judge people sometimes.
    26. I always think some people's lives are "perfect," and then later I come to find out something fricken screwed up with their lives.
    27. 26 is my favorite number because it was the day I was born.
    28. My birthday is June 26.
    30. Im pretty sexy if I have to say so myself.
    31. Im obsessed with stuffed animals, I have a lot of them...
    32. I probably said this before, but I LOVE SOCK MONKEYS!! Ever since I was like 3 or something!
    33. I have moved houses 2 times, but I barely count the first time because I was only 2-3 weeks old.
    34. My life sucks. So quit assuming its perfect.
    35. I love tinsil on trees! (I think I spelled that wrong...)
    36. I literally CANNOT wear socks to bed.
    37. I always wear mis-matched socks.
    38. I usually dont wear socks because I always wear Toms. I do like vans, but they aren't as comfortable as Toms to me.
    39. Im not going to be able to wear Toms anymore because now they are making them for "narrow feet."
    40. My feet aren't narrow...
    41. So I guess I will HAVE to wear vans now. Either that or im going to buy them in Mens. *shudders*
    42. I get really OCD about wierd things.
    43. I dont HAVE OCD though.
    44. I take 2 challenge classes at school.
    45. Math and science...because I am a TRUE NERD!!
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    Ashl3y Junior
    16.) I look like a rocker person- but I'm in love with BTR. Haters gon hate. Rushers gonna elevate. :)
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    Appayipyip42 Advanced
    Most of the people who I've seen calling themselves "nerds" are these preppy, stuck-up volleyball players.
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    Sage Parson Junior
    33. My weakness is people crying about their insecurity.
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    Viktor Experienced
    @Sara No,the part you were talking about my post.
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    Ashl3y Junior
    17.) I am afraid to fall in love
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    16. I LOVE Aeropostale! I usually wear something aeropostale everyday.
    17. My sister and I have never gotten into a fight and we are like best friends. She's 22, Im 15.
    18. My brother and I get in fights though. He's 24, Im 15.
    19. I love bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. I usually have on two necklaces, 6 bracelets(3 on each), and earrings.
    20. My weakness is lieing. I suck at lieing. I can only lie in one situation. If a guy asks me out, and I dont like them I say I have a boyfriend so I dont hurt their feelings.
    21. I hate hurting people mentally or phiscally.
    22. Four is my lucky number.
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    I love asdfmovies!!!!! Die potato.

    I dislike formal events. Everytime I go to one, I plead my mom not to give me a scratchy princess dress. If she does, I got one dress in the bushes.
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    My weakness is seeing people I love cry. If they cry I cry.
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    Ashl3y Junior
    18.) I can get very jealous sometimes...
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    Ashl3y Junior
    19.) I can be very girly, but rarely.
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    WTF_NINJA Junior
    1) I wear glasses
    2) I might be getting braces
    3) I'm in 8th grade
    4) I have about 4 best friends.
    5) I have one (annoying) little sister.
    6) I have dark brown hair that looks like black,and light brown eyes.
    7) I was born with my dad's blue/green eyes.
    8) I have been called emo more than 10 times
    9) I was calle goth once
    10) One time a girl told me I had mental problems (And she dint say it as a joke)
    11) I am always hyper and when I'm not,I either sad or angry.
    12) I am not insecure,but I have my moments though they dont last long.
    13) My family doesnt take me seriously.
    14) I love One Direction and yes I'm a Directioner (Deal with it)
    15) I'm single
    16) I love animals
    17) I sometimes put other before me.
    18) I hate seeing someone not happy.
    19) I absolutly hate movies that have to sing like in the middle of a scene (Like High School Musical)
    20) I love Harry Potter but my all time fav book will always be Cirque Du Freak saga
    21) My fav color is black.
    22) I dont wear make up
    23) I find myself chubby and I dont like it.
    24) I once tried to go on a diet and dint last a day
    25) I'm very fun and random but I can be very serious when I have to be
    26) I hate judgemental people
    27) I respect everyone as long as they respect me
    28) I'm straight as a line.
    29) I want to dye my hair blue
    30) The guy I loved died in a car crash

    Erm so yeah XD
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    Selena112 Hot Shot
    I'm a soprano, but I love singing the deep parts of songs in my bass opera mimic voice.
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    Ashl3y Junior
    20.) My voice is kinda deep, but I sing soprano

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