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    LeahM Novice
    Name: Leah (obviously) is Hebrew and originates from the Bible; it means tired or weary.

    Heritage: Possibly Jewish, but surely Irish and African with prominent Caribbean/West Indian roots.

    Native: U.K., England

    Favourite Film: Titanic

    Favoutite colour: Saffron

    Favourite sports: Rugby and tennis

    Instrument: Piano

    Interests: Photography, poetry, diverse genres of writing, novelistic literature, philosophy, geography and history on historic events and figures.

    Hobbies: Tennis, cycling, writing, reading, all things music and baking.

    Pet peeve: Purposeful inconsideration & arrogance.

    Self-full advice: Never waste a sunny day.

    Life Motto: 'It is not the purpose of life but a life of purpose.'

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    name Junior
    Name: Priya. Originates from India. Meaning: Beloved

    Heritage: Born in the UK, two thirds Indian, one third Romanian.

    Native: UK

    Favourite film: The Phantom of the Opera

    Colour: Grey

    Sport: Basketball and Tennis

    Instrument: PIANO TOO!

    Interests: Reading, Piano, geography, history, Languages and culture.

    Hobbies: Piano, Sitting on my arse not doing anything

    Life motto: Dont give up even if it hurts

    Advice: Someone pisses you off, kick em till thier on the ground
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    Anastasia Senior
    You're a really good writer Leah. :3

    Name: Rebekah Anastasia (the first is Biblical, meaning to tie together, and the second is Greek meaning resurrection.)

    Heritage: German, Czech, Dutch, Irish, Italian, Polish, Austrian, English, and a wee bit Cherokee. I'm a mutt. xD

    Native: American

    Favorite Film: Repo! The Generic Opera, along with others.

    Favorite Colour: Turquoise

    Favorite Sport: Swimming

    Instrument: Vocals and guitar

    Interests: Anime, other forms of art, graphic design, writing, music, history, languages, geography, fashion and make-up art.

    Hobbies: Cooking, singing, drawing, writing, reading, swimming when I can.

    Pet peeve: Idk for sure.

    Self-full advice: You can do it, you just don't want to do it. But you can definitely do it so do it.

    Life Motto: What doesn't kill me makes me stronger.

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    Wooden Bridge Junior
    I might as well ^_^

    Name: It means following the good path

    Race: Asian(Indian)

    Fave color/s: Pink, Black, Blue and Green

    Sport: Basketball, Badminton and Cricket

    Personality: Shy, Quiet, Creative, Kind and just Different

    Hobbies/Interests: Painting, Drawing, Reading, Sketching, Writing and Daydreaming.

    Future hopes: To be a good Muslim, Artist and Author

    Favorite Film: Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani(It's in Hindi)

    Favorite Countries: Pakistan, Canada and Japan

    Favorite Weather: Rainy, Windy, Mild, Warm and Cloudy

    Life Motto: Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind(Dr. Seuss)
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    Wooden Bridge Junior
    @name, I like ur life motto :)
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    LeahM Novice
    Oh yeah, another one of my hobbies: drawing!
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    name Junior
    @Wb - Thankies! I had to read your slowly cuz my brain just isnt working today. XDDD
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    lilfreakgryl Experienced
    Name: Star of the sea (the meaning)

    Race: Middle Eastern

    Fave color's: I like all, espcially purple and lime green.

    Sport: I like water sports, biking, and I guess soccer and basketball are okay.

    Personality: I goof around a lot but I can be calm at times.

    Hobbies/Interests: Listening to music, the beach , swimming, sketching, designing, e.t.c

    Future hopes: Whatever makes me happy

    Favorite Film: I don't have a favorite

    Favorite Countries: Greece, Italy, Canada, New Zealand, Austrailia

    Favorite Weather: There's two types: One cold and breezy (sometimes with a little sprinkle) or one nice sunny (not hot!) cool weather.

    Life Motto: The pain makes you stronger, so hold just a little bit longer.
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    lilfreakgryl Experienced
    *so hold on just a little bit longer.

    Another fact about myself: I make way too many typos.
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    coolme3 Experienced
    mkay sure.

    Name: Carla

    Heritage: Norweigen, Irish, Swedish, a little German, supposedly some Native American Indian.

    Native: USA

    Favorite Movie: Ferris Buellers Day Off, or Monty Python and the Holy Grail, or Transformers

    Favorite Color: Teal

    Favortie Sports: Tennis, Floor Hockey, and Lacrosse

    Instrument: Drums (well i want to)

    Interests: drawing, photography, some writing

    Hobbies: listening to music, Tennis, drawing

    Favorite Season: winter

    Quote I use when stuff asks for favorite quote: "I get knocked down, but i get up again, youre never gonna keep me down"

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    Carri04 Hot Shot
    Name:Ting-Ting (meaning beauty and grace though i'm neither of the above :P)

    Heritage: Taiwanese-Canadian, possibly Filipino and Japanese since everyone seems to think I'm Japanese..

    Native: Taiwan

    Favourite Film: Phantom of the Opera or Pirates of the Caribbean or OP: Strong World

    Favoutite colour: I favor all colours equally, some more than others but i do enjoy them all...cept maybe not puke colour e_e'

    Favourite sports: Badminton, Hiking and I like watching hockey xD

    Instrument: Guitar, vocaloids

    Interests: All art forms: Drawing, painting, makeup art, photography, fashion design, set design, character design, story-writing, poetry, and etc :P oh and singing and ranting and intellectual debates ^-^

    Hobbies: all things artistic, singing, drawing, baking, writing, annoying the crap out of people, poking dead things with sticks, pissing people off

    Pet peeve: Society itself and the overly ignorant (there is a limit to how ignorant you can be -____-)

    Self-full advice: One Piece. Nuff said. (it's an anime, the message from it is friendship, loyalty, standing up for yourself, never giving up, and following your dreams. you can see why i choose it as advice)

    Life Motto: 'Everything will be alright in the end. If it's not alright, it's not the end.'
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    Nikki_Knox Experienced
    Name: Beautiful and Independant (Meaning)

    Race: Italian, German, Pakistani, Indian, Iraqi, Chinese, Portuguese and Canadian :D

    Native: Quebec, Canada :)

    Fave Movie: Titanic

    Fave Colour: All Colours :)

    Fave Sports: Basketball, Dodgeball, Football and Tennis

    Instrument: Piano, Violin and Drums

    Interests: Reading, Writing, Talking, Debates, Watching/Writing Plays, Music, Friends, Family, Joking Around, Learning new languages

    Hobbies: Writing, Reading, Debating, Making People Laugh and Storytelling :)

    Pet Peeve: Math, Soccer and being called Britney Spears when my names not Britney >:(

    Self-full Advice: You are who you pretend to bem so be careful who you pretend to be.

    Life Motto: The only thing constant in life is change.

    Personality: Smart, Outgoing, Funny (or so I've been told), Loyal and Generous :)

    Worst Quality: Standoffish, Bossy, Chatterbox, Anti-social, Instigator

    (And annoying) ;)
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    lilfreakgryl Experienced
    Pet Peeve: Many many things -.-
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    Nakita Junior
    Name: Elisabeth, it's hebrew, originates from the bible, and means "God's promise".

    Heritage: Irish, english, and native american are the biggest ones.

    Native: Missouri, United States of America. I currently live in Kansas, though.

    Favourite Film: The Never Ending Story (The first one, I don't like the second one).

    Favoutite colour: Rainbow and black.

    Favourite sports: Swimming, roller skating, and horseback riding.

    Instrument: I'm forced to play the piano. -.-

    Interests: Writing, biology, writing, zoology, music, writing, and writing. :D

    Hobbies: Music, baking, reading.

    Pet peeve: People who think homeschoolers are unsocialized.

    Self-full advice: Don't be stupid. 8D
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    6 6 sick Advanced

    Heritage:Native Indian,Hispanic.(yet I'm pale as a ghost)


    Favorite Film:The Exorcist,or any old Horror really.

    Favorite Color:Black




    Hobbies:Playing guitar and Drawing

    Pet Peeve:Uh..to many.

    Self Advice:Going through hell just keep going.


    Personalty:Dark Humored,Quiet,Strange,Friendly.

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