I'm very concerned

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Thread Topic: I'm very concerned

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    katqueen45 Senior
    I recently turned 15.. and as much as therapy is supposed to be helpful, I already take it and it doesn't help much.
    You see, I'm in foster care. When they looked through my records and saw that I went to a therapist in elementary school, they decided to recontact the company and get me to reconnect with another one. The Department of Human Resources is a company all on it's own you see, and since I'm in foster care they take care of the expenses.
    It's probably my fault; I don't talk to the therapists at all. I don't try to seek out their help. I stopped venting to friends, as I mentioned earlier, because I don't want to burden them. And I don't feel like I deserve to even have a therapist when someone who might need them more than me, someone who probably can't afford a therapist, that could be of use to them instead. I also don't talk to the therapists because if I told them all of my problems then they'd probably put me on some stupid and useless pills again. I've been moved from therapist to therapist because they're tired of sitting in silence, not saying anything at all, me ignoring any and all questions, and generally dealing with my s---.
    And I know I'm wasting a good resource; free therapy, some would kill for it!! But I don't feel like I deserve it nor do I want it at all.
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Ok, here’s what I think your problem is. You’re afraid to open up, I get it, I didn’t want to be on my adhd pills because they’re awful. Your therapist is unlikely to give you pills if they don’t think you need them , if they are doing that, it’s a problem.
    You need to be willing to try to get better in order to get better.
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    d_h Senior
    Puppet my dear friend
    I'm not romanticizing the idea of instability or insanity. I'm just saying that whenever somebody has it, they don't have to look at it as a constant burden, because that's exactly what gets people to kill themselselves Believe it or not, I hate insanity I hate instability, but I have to deal with it in whatever way possible. And if I just keep on thinking of it as negative, then the end game will be the end of my life. But I'm not gonna make it about myself because this is not about me.

    Kat The typical thing I would say, or some normal person would say is it will all settle in due time, but of course, that may be the truth, or it may not be the truth nobody really knows that. I wish I could help you more. But if I was to say anymore, some people would consider it as bad advice.
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    D_H I’m not going to argue with you, but you’re acting similar to those kids who rletend to be Yandere?
    From what I see, you haven’t been professionally diagnosed with any illness that would actually explain a lack of emotions on the scale you’re describing, in which case you’re ill suited to give Kat advice, even if you such an illness, and if you do I apologise for assuming otherwise, you have no idea if it’s even the same thing.
    Advising someone to pretend to be someone else is harmful.
    I did it for years and I have serious self confidence issues from thinking people wouldn’t like the real me.

    You’re not a medical professional and therefore can’t diagnose Kat with ‘ insanity’
    What your doing is actively encouraging a negative coping method. I sincerely hope you find a healthier way to deal with your life, but I must inform you that you likely dohave emotions, since you’ve expressed it multiple times with negative emotions like frustration , and anger.

    The inability to feel is often linked with people with severe mental conditions with sociopathic / psychopathic tendencies in which case I hope to go you’re just clowning around because that’s serious stuff.

    Kat: I think really it’s an issue of numbing yourself to your surroundings, a self confidence issue in a way or you’re simply unable to express the person you really feel like?
    Maybe you could try painting? You don’t need fancy classes or anything, just some brushes and paint and paper/canvas, I’m not sure if you do be able to get this?
    But I personally find that my feelings always come off from the paint.
    I believe I’ve heard that just dancing for yourself is also a good reliever?
    Writing too, maybe you could keep a diary, but make up stories?
    I’m not a medical or mental health professional so all I can offer you is my personal advice,
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    d_h Senior
    I wasn't advising her anything, she asked me how I dealt with it and I told her how I dealt with it, I didn't advise anything, and I even think I put in there somewhere that I don't trust things, I say, but if it didn't make it through there, then that just must have been something that the voice recording missed. I don't want to form any hostilities. All I'm saying is that I didn't advise s---. If I was advising something, then I would have advised her to drink tea, but I wasn't advising things, and since my keyboards voice to text is the most s--- thing ever, there may be some typos within whatever I'm saying.

    What I have been diagnosed with, I refuse to discuss because unfortunately some things I don't feel comfortable talking about so my medical "history", and I put quotations around history. I'm gonna keep private. I'm sure to know what I'm talking about before I type it, even though I may not revise my writing, I sure as hell know what I'm talking about.. But regardless, I'm done here, because last thing I need is another full blown argument between me and another user, because for some reason, that always finds itself on this little site. There's always somebody that I end up arguing with I'm done here..
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    d_h Senior
    *don't trust things I say
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Alright, then I’ve clearly misunderstood your post, since I thought that you were advising her to fake emotions. The worst possible thing someone can do.
    Anyway I hope you get the help you need and fell better.

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